Roses from my garden

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Through the Night

 Unless you savor every thing that comes to you as I always do..sight, sound, smell, things I see, this blog topic will mean nothing to you and I will be more boring than ever to read.

My oldest and I went to have a Happy Birthday supper at my youngest son's home.  His wife prepared dinner.  It was yesterday that the birthday occurred, but his wife was attending the birth of her best friend since childhood's baby!  So son and wife and my other sons and I celebrated tonight.

I left their home about 2030 and took the oldest back to his place in The Big City.  Then I started home.  Not much traffic anywhere I was and there was a ghost of light in the sky's edges left as I hurtled down the road.  Here is where and when  I became enchanted.  It will be nothing to you all I know.  But as I traveled through the dusk to almost dark..enjoying seeing the trees silhouetted against the darkening skies,  even though I had the cars' a/c on, I could smell the green scents of freshly mown grasses along the side of the road.  I smelled some vehicle exhaust occasionally, again, the green fragrances of summer's wild growth as I sped through their realm.

The air was a steady but not forceful cold against my face and the fragrances thru the window that was slightly down took me way back in my mind for a few moments to times as a teen I would take a friends car after getting my license, and drive the dirt roads...windows down, cool night air coming in and the same wonderful fragrances.  Yes, including gasoline scent wafting through occasionally.

I had a CD tonight that I played that I bought on a lark 12 years ago.  Way before my time style music.  It had that music they call swing music.  I think all these are from the 40's.  Glen Miller and other big band leaders of that era.

I don't care for that style of music.  I bought it 10-12 years ago in the grip of nostalgia for my parents. But tonight I finally played it in the car.

I was hurtling down the highways, about a 28 mile trip...cool night scented air in my face and nostrils.  Oh what heaven.  And what nostalgia.  I smiled all the way home.  Partly in gladness for the lovely evening and seeing him open his gifts from us all.  And the rest, the magic of the dusk, the quiet, the chill air so utterly fresh, the low old music, the sights of night fall.  The clear roads all the way home accompanied by night music and the subtle sounds and joyous fragrance when the music went away. ..it was magic.

But only to me.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Having Trouble Again With Comcast...

You know, just when you think things will be all right again, along comes the time when one must call the Comcast  service phone number.  I got someone from one of their, Comcast's, out sourcing Countries.

I admire that someone has a command of my language.  But what I find exceeding difficult is when I cannot understand ONE word you are saying despite the English you are speaking.

I am simply saying if Comcast wishes to outsource, I only say please please please please have the representatives take training to help with their accents.  I have only in the past week become cognizant that there is such a service.

We have a National Lab here, and many Scientists from all over the world.  Classes are given/offered to alleviate that heavy incomprehensible accent.

I even handed the phone to one of my sons and he too could not understand a word she said.  This was at 1600 hrs. 14 August, if it matters.

The phone and the internet were out and truly--- I asked for her to repeat each and every sentence or spoken "paragraph" as I could not understand a word.  Nor could my son.

I pay too much money per month to go through the hades I went through for half an hour straining and straining to understand even two sentences in the entire ordeal.  Is it "fixed"?  Yes.  But I myself thought to reboot to get the email up when only Safari was working.  She DID get the modem's lights to start again.  There were only 2 lit when I called. with no phone and no internet.

I think it is almost cruel to inflict a helpless million or more of Comcast clientele to this abysmal incomprehensible customer service.  It was awful to go through.

The girl is blameless.  It was her impossible accent and speech that resembled a machine gun in rapidity that got in the way.  Her hiring personnel failed her.  And me.

Rant over.  For now.  Thank you for "listening" to me friends.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lotsa Old Stuff

My goodness, I got going about Daddy's fork and then, I traded pictures of an ancient 1 1/2 cup pan Dad made simple syrup in or boiled something really small (duh!) with a blogging friend.

That friend showed me some pictures of old things that were left after his mom passed away.

When I was in my teens and even early 20's, my mother would show me some things that she had from her mother and none of it, even those things of hers, were of the least import to me.  I didn't care and I thought to myself that they were ugly.

MY...how we change when we get a little mental as well as physical maturity.  Now these things are treasures and certainly they are memories.  That picture I sent him of the little pan dad used so often showed how terribly coated it now was.  Dad kept it clean but one has to face that there was/can be a residue not always visible on the outside of the pan and so years later the pan looks like heck! All black and brown.  However I love that pan and don't want to try to scour and polish it all away.  There are even more marks on the left side (he was right handed) where he stirred or used his fork in the pan and its contents.  :-)

I took the picture in May.

Stopping by.  It has been ├╝ber busy for me thee past several weeks and this week is as wel.  Love all of you.  xxoox

Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh...where are the fans? The lavender water? The smelling salts?

Almost said "Kitties!" again.  Habit for certain.

So, instead...Friends, guess what I am in for?  Can't guess?  I'll tell you.  I live in a very very heavily treed area.  I have one last huge tall tall tall oak tree in the front yard that is poised on the edge of a bank.  There is not one level place except at stores and parking lots, in all of my town.  ALL the streets are at least gentle hills but I live in the hilliest part of town and my lot, as are all the others on the street is hilly, lumpy and goes straight down at quite an angle to the city/county line.

So, the oak tree is perched right on the edge of the bank in my front yard.  It is just a matter of time before it falls as we have many tornadoes of varying intensity.  The area is dubbed "Dixie Alley" by the weather gurus.  We  have lots of straight line winds, ample rain to loosen a root system in the event of wind as well, the tree is a horrible accident waiting to happen.  I kept getting estimates on it but finally caved and took one.  It will be $2000.00 to get it down.  It is towering over the city power lines and over my house.  If it fell forward it would cut me and the house in two.  Seriously.

So the cutter will be here either next week or the week following.  He wanted an additional $500.00 to grind the stump.  I said leave it.   The ants can have a picnic on it The special order kitchen door and storm door plus labor to install it cost that much as well.  I am about to enter the sweepstakes or the lottery.  Man.  But I must maintain and as always my anthem is I will do it all because no one else will jump up and do it.  :-)

It is  stately tree and loved by all of us but I can't justify continuing to take a chance and too, I am filled with worry whenever there is a storm (and we SURE have lots of those!(

Just wanted sympathy. :-)

Here's a bunch of pictures that I just took.

My front yard and the tree on the bank

Too tall to capture in one photo so breaking it up. This one is showing close to the canopy.

Next section going up

Ooops, here is the first section.  Out of sequence.

The canopy into the 3:33PM sun and over the power and utility lines.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

One of My Many Time Machines

I need pages and pages.  So I need to write a story and keep it here on the computer because all I want to say here is far far FAR too long for a blog.  No one would care about my Time Machine really, and to go into exquisite detail would intensify the readers boredom.

So, briefly (if you call this brief) I was talking to a dear friend on the phone about food  The food of the South is distinctly different than the North or midwest.  I described Daddy's cooking as he is the one who reared me and my two brothers.  He always made a big Sunday dinner for us for all the years we lived there at home with him. There would be (of course Southern) fried chicken, pan made gravy, biscuits, his excellent salad, home cooked and snapped by him green beans, potatoes that were buttered and in quarters...not mashed.  A cake made with cake flour and home made icing.  I learned at his knee and after reaching my early teens I took that over mostly.

There is something Daddy had at all times when he cooked.  He used it as a tester, a food turner, a tenderness indicator and as a whisk.  When he was finished with all those functions and after putting the meal on the table, it was his personal fork.  Here it is.  Aluminum tines, a wooden handle and two brads of aluminum to hold it all together.  Oh this is an old old fork.  Daddy had it when he and mother were married back in The War Between the States times.  When he passed away (Oh, my friends, I still miss him terribly and it has been many years) I took this fork that was so sweet a reminder of him to me from my childhood home.  I wanted to use it myself I missed him so terribly but I never did.  It is still darkly stained if you will, by a VERY very VERY long time of use.   I would never do anything to remove that old old dark "patina" nor refurbish this fork in any way,  The only thing that he didn't do is bend the tines.  That is my fault through the years.

I had told my friend how a Southerner cooks fried apples.  They are not dessert-like in the least.  I see Daddy standing at the gas stove, after putting the cut-up green apples into the cast iron frying pan with some lard in there all melted, and shaking a few teaspoons of table sugar onto them while "stirring" them about with that fork.  Then, turning them with a spatula.  The whole cooking period was only 10-13 minutes or so.  They went with certain meats we had, usually pork chops or ham.  Green peas as well.  I will close this.  Sorry.  I saw and remembered the fork and I had to tell just that part of daddy's story.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Busy Week and Another on the Way

I have the pleasure of a new FitBit.  I was going to buy one today but when I mentioned it to one of my sons, he said he was not using his and he would change its ownership and let me have his.  I really appreciate it too.  Tomorrow I will go work out so I am bustin' to see how much it said I did for burning calories.

This one can attach to your upper undergarment!  :-)  or lays in a pocket, clips to your belt.  It has a VERY strong grip and won't fall off.  Tonight, I get to tell it when I am ready to sleep and it will monitor that and in the morning it will tell me when I slept, when I tossed and turned (hear that, Katie???) and the duration of it all.  I have to tell it I am going to sleep and I tell it when I wake.  That's easy.   You wear a soft wide wrap on your wrist and slip the monitor down in its little cubby and it does its job through the night.  Missy here trots up and poke me three times on the mouth with her front paw and then bats the one lonely roller I have that I keep in my bangs to keep the hair off my face. And she does that at 0610 so that is when I will tell the FitBit that I am up.   Drives me crazy when she bats at my roller!

Thought you would like to see this picture of me done in pencil with an app on the computer.

If not, don't look.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday and Ear Worms

I can NOT get "I'll Fly Away" out of my mind for a WEEK now.  A friend in the UK mentioned it in an email...it immediately started playing in my poor brain and it still is.  HE and his family are also infected and his daughter and he had a duet just this day singing it as close to a Southern accent as they could muster.  How I wish I could have been there.

I start not to think of it and he or his sister will mention it--perhaps that they were singing or playing it and wham!  I am infected again.

I almost got started with "In the Sweet By and By" simultaneously but I was spared.  Ear worms!

Go to your prayers and there is a song playing...sigh... BUT you eventually get the better of it till someone mentions is AGAIN! 

Meanwhile, another absolutely perfect sunny not too warm and not humid day.  High 50's at night for two nights.  That will end now but my, it was good while it lasted.