Thursday, April 16, 2015

"The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turnin'......" (Journey)

It does indeed keep on turnin'.  "I don't know where I'll be tomorrow".   Journey.   There is no stopping the world, no stopping any type of progress.  There is only continuing.  That is, a continuance of anything.  Nothing is singular in this regard.  Time and circumstance is, to not coin a phrase, as the world turns in human terms.

Why did I start that?  I was thinking of friends.  Thinking of events and thinking of persons and how it all fits together.  It's a Thursday night.  I may as well.

Regarding my friend Beth, our friend Beth, I am awaiting word from her sister to indicate I may blog or Beth's sister may blog herself for Beth.  We will see as time passes.

Thank you all my friends here and hers.  It was deeply appreciated that you commented and lifted Beth up.  She knows.

Much love to all.

 My very new grandson.  ❤

Friday, April 10, 2015

Urgent Request for Prayer for Beth.

My friends, I beg you, please pray HARD for Beth Marie.  Right now.  As much as you can.

This is a request via her sister who is with Beth at this time.  And MY own request.   love this precious dearest friend.

Thank you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Awardie and Thank You

I was given an award that I truly appreciate.  It is meaningful to me here at my "human" blog and  a vote of confidence in me from a dear friend, McGuffy Ann Morris  whom I have long enjoyed getting to know in her blogs and in some emails as well.  The award is called The Very Inspiring Blog Award.  She understands me.  That is quite a feat.  And very appreciated.

Thank you Annie.  I would like to nominate Marks Mews, and the kittie's Daddy's blog, Cave Bears Lair too.  Mark is a multi-faceted Cat daddy and a loving one to the three cats.  And a fascinating man as well.  He shows us glimpses every now and again of what he is made of.  Well worth visiting.  You'll be back.  And like me, Mark OR his kitties either one have opinions, and neither are  hesitant to tell it like it is.  Please enjoy the awardie Mark.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

A special meaningful day today for many of us.

Happy Easter friends!  I am fortunate to have an extra son here in town.  All three within 15 miles of one another.  That's really great for ME1  :-)  Man, I am on a diet whether I like it or not and there are times when it just ain't easy.  I do NOT like salads at all.  BUT I am having one each noon but with added chunk chicken to it..makes it more palatable.  The first 24 hours I lost a lot of water weight.  That wasn't fun in the middle of the night!  Sigh.  Had to get up. I never get up.  Sure did that first night and hit about every fire hydrant (figuratively speaking) the rest of that day.   The other meals I am eating small portions of foods I like.  I have a goal of 20 pounds.

Katie is getting the short end of the stick these past several days but things will settle for her before long.  This below is why.  A tiny usurper of her domain.

Meanwhile, I am not cooking today.  The son who is staying with me and I made a decision to eat out.

I just wanted you to see one of my tulips although it turned out too large in the header.  I thought it would display better than that.  But you got the point.  :-)

I also wanted those of you who allow it-- to wish you a Happy Easter.


Me and Her

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Day

I have a brand new grandson as of yesterday.  He took his time getting here but now he is, and he is as perfect and beautiful and gorgeous and angelic as any baby in the world...of course.  Oh what a love!  He will be one day old today,  closer to midnight tonight. Oh I am so happy I feel like Snoopy doing the Happy Dance!  If my ears could fly as his do, they would be.  So I am happy to be privileged to be a grandparent to this perfect tiny soul.  You already know how I feel about children of any age.  I consider them to be THE best gift we as humans are given.  No exception.

Happy Day to you all as well.  Thank you for letting me speak of him and my and his parents' intense love for him here.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Long Time No See

Been busy as all of you are and  while Katie insists on keeping her blog up (to a point) I am not allowed to be the same.  Seriously though, I am extraordinarily busy with several things going on, not the least of which is my grandson will be born VERY soon.  He's a whopper too.  Over nine pounds! Can't wait to see him in person.  His last scan which was done because he is so large was to determine his weight which they can do within a few ounces.  He is over 9 pounds and his due date arrived already.  That scan (they do very few of them) showed him in two pictures.  One was him looking casual and about to put his great toe into his mouth.  The next one seconds (if!) later showed a very frustrated furrowed brow grumpy tiny face trying to get the toe into his mouth.  It was just at the start of its journey.  It was SO fun to see.  :-)

I have been keeping up with most of you.  If not here, then in Face Book those of you who are on it.  There are two pressing things going on and those will be finished soon.  The birth of the baby if the most important to us.  But I am keeping up with you.

Teacher son will be here for his Spring break so as to be able to enjoy the baby. Can't wait to see him as well.  These are dear times for all of us.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Strawberry Plant Flower

That is last years Strawberry blossom(s) and I did get me some strawberries from it.  I hope you like my picture.

Today was warm enough for me to change to shorts and a tank top in the house only.  I had both front and side doors opened, screens locked and luscious sunshine streaming in all day LONG!  I get one more day like that and then, back to rain.  That is the pattern here.  Two days of sun punishable by 7-9 days of rain and/or leaden overcast skies.

Lots of busies here for me.  Something I didn't expect came up and having to tend to that.  I will and see how I can make things work.

Think Spring and strawberries!  xox