Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In Case You Ever Wondered

When I write a blog, I do it with humor as I am usually in a great humor and besides, I love to laugh.  My high flown grammar in the past blog that I just did a few days ago is an example.  Believe me, I don't speak that way...it is only for a fun and a smile and making a joke on myself at my own expense usually.

This has begun the third week running now with rain or heavy overcast or both... no glimpse of the sun, not in three weeks.  The weather cast said this morning the same depressing thing.  Rain and or overcast all week and into next week which will then start a fourth week.  It can gitcha down. Here it is  always gloomy--- with a five year pattern of nine days of gloom and two days  of sun or partial sun and then starting all over again with the seven to nine days of rain and/or overcast.  Un-endingly until this late Spring where there was sun every day for months.  It started a drought which wasn't that bad but there were forest fires all around.  Those were set by teenagers.  However the foliage was dry that is certain.

This pattern goes on all twelve months of the year.  No letting up.  That strange weather high we had for several months was just that, a strange but fabulous happening. Sun every day!!!  For weeks on end!  Oh well.  Could be worse and often is.  Ice, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

See ya later Gators,
This street inSan Francisco is unbelievable,  How can you drive up or down it?  It's an old old picture.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Well That Was No Fun

You know perhaps how it can be.  You climb into bed, get settled with a pet on your chest, *gasp for air* and eventually you are released from petting duty and turn out the light.  *Cue slumber thoughts* and you start to drift off after announcements by said pet who hopped down and set about bringing in three or four of her most favorite toys.  Each one brought to the room is hailed ceremoniously with clear toned announcements as they are laid on the carpet by the bed or in the bed.

One is vaguely asleep when the toys are heralded.  Ones eyes open however,  and one wonders why every joint in the body is sending out semaphore signals just about, proclaiming PAIN!   My knees, hips, lower back, ankles, elbows were reminding me of those old TV commercials where they show pulsating red circles radiating out from the joints and then, they proclaim their remedy to swallow or rub on.  My joints were killing me.  That doesn't happen to me.  But it is now!  All new.

I have no idea what happened to bring it on as nothing new took place at all during the day.  I laid there in the beddy, all covered up to my chinny chin chin, and a pool of black and white satin was in a soft circle, purring very loudly at the side of my head.  I misliked the idea of moving  as it would disturb her.

There was no help for it however, I found on reflection as I was in so much pain I could never have gone back to sleep.  I did not want to disturb the sleeping soft guardian at my head but... one must do what one must.

I slowly moved the covers back from me and swung my hurting legs out and down to the floor.  Those  legs along with my hurting hips and ankles and knees carried me to the kitchen where I took two acetaminophen. I could feel the lessening of pain as I settled back into bed--- it was that quick.

I was amazed that my little kitty girl was still there where I left her as she usually leaves when disturbed.  She sank back into my neck and by my face with renewed loud purring and we both went straight back to sleep.

It was a good night,  but fraught with work dreams.  Those can be frustrating as things aren't the same in dreams...you KNOW they aren't,  but you have to "make do".  I had many fragmented work type dreams.  I am one of those who love(d) the profession and found it fulfilling on many levels.

Got to work out though this morning...out into the 3rd week of unceasing fog, rain, overcast.  The mist stopped later so I got a good walkie in afterward.

Chow..or ciao... or something.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Whoooo That's Good!

I have been to work out, then to the grocery store, then up to the park to walk, then to the ATM, then home where it's late enough I made my lunch smoothie.

It's extremely simple to make.  And no yucky green stuff in it either.  Ewwwww. I have four main flavors I make and all of them are fairly close in calories with the non fat milk making 90 c. itself.  Yesterday and today I added canned tart red cherries and some of the juice too, as it adds to the cherry taste of course.  So, a cuppa non fat milk in the blender, 2/3 cup tart red cherries with some juice, 2 tablespoons (measured) of Hershey's Lite chocolate syrup.  1 packet of Splenda, 6 ice cubes, and blend.  Oh my goodness, it's good and not many calories at all.  Green veggies need not apply.  I do the same combination with strawberries (fresh only) as a change of fruit, or a banana with the chocolate of course.  There is chocolate syrup at 40 calories in each of my fruit smoothies.  I love canned Pineapple chucks in their own juice too with the chocolate.  Same combo of milk, chocolate and sweeter which is one packet of Splenda or whatever you like.

It is a chilly, damp and windy day.  But though I want to say I want sun still...it's a day and something to be very grateful for!

Tomorrow I get to see my daughter-in-law and my grand baby!  They always spend the morning.  Can't wait.

What are you all doing?  Watching the clock with me till it's Spring?


Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Beginning Again

I never make resolutions.  Not since I was a girl in the single digits of age.  BUT I do relish the idea of a chronological fresh start. This is the start of another year in which I continue my journey to better physical duration just as I used to have once upon a time.  Nah, can't do that well but I am certainly better than I was a year and a half ago.  It took perseverance and some amount of grit to do it.

One thing has stood in my way a few times since I really made an outside effort at improving my stamina instead of just working out--- and that is the very hot and humid weather when it arrives Summer. Not good for me really to be doing a lot of walking in that due to my physical concerns.  (which are improving hand over fist).  And when it is freezing and below freezing with the wind blowing, no, I stay away from where I walk outside.  Instead, I try to get some time in at various big stores walking but that walking is slow... whereas outside I can really speed along.  Any activity counts, but the faster the better.  Those are called "active minutes" on my Fitbit and I try to rack 'em up.  I am proud of the progress I have made with my outside addition i.e. walking in addition to my workout and store walking.  It has made a big difference in my endurance.  So Happy New Year to me and Happy New Year to each of you.  I wish we could all get together, I swear I do.  We could have a heckuva BBQ... and if our bellies don't bust wide open from all the food, we can jog it off.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

What is Good Here

Goodness, I love seeing this little footie propped up on the edge of my dining table.  He can keep it there forever as far as I am concerned.  He is a baby now and our last concern is his manners.  Nah!  Baby feets are much more important.  And enjoying a nanner is too.

Here below is the living room each time I have the pleasure of seeing James here.  Works for me. Grammie is enchanted.  Katie too, believe it or not.  James is learning manners with her.

I didn't ask permission to feature James and his Mom so I blurred their faces for this one.  I wanted you to see James continuing to look and not touch for now, and Katie taking that to the bank.  She just enjoyed her sunpuddle with no concern.

All is well with us.  And me..I am out in the cold cold wind walking as fast as I can loving every minute.  The rains were terribly hard for three days so I reluctantly stayed home those days, but the past two, cold and windy but mostly sunny.  Gotta walk.  Wish you were there too.  Yu'd love it.  I showed you the park.  Gorgeous place.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Almost December

Amazing how time rushes past us and though we know that, it is still always a surprise.  Around here the way times passage is frequently mentioned is similar to this:  It's Christmas day!  Turn around once and it's the Fourth of July.  Blink and it's Christmas again.  The passage of time seems so rapid.  One wants to say the rapidity is "unfair" sometimes--- as though that were a consideration!

But here it is, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas hard upon us.  Another year will be dawning and we repeat the pattern.  Rejoicing all the way here at my home but nonetheless it is rather like a film that runs out and is re-wound endless seeming times.  I am happy to hit re-wind as often as I am granted.

We all of us had Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter-in-law's parents home.  The house was filled to bulging I would swear.  Ham and turkey both with the ham as tender as anything I have ever eaten.  The turkey was moist and golden.  Grilled green beans that were enwrapped with bacon that was also grilled.  Mashed potatoes, and a delicious potato and cheese casserole was made as well.  Sweet potato casserole, buttered steamed sweet corn.  Squash casserole,  and many other things that mom tends not to eat, so she didn't take especial note... as well as moist delicious stuffing.  There were four pumpkin pies, each homemade including crusts, a towering chocolate trifle, a delicious moist applesauce bundt cake with true butter cream frosting.  Even more was on the two long tables.

The home is large and the younger kids ate in the front room with tables in there and everyone else at long tables in the dining and family rooms.

Many members of the extended family were there with my side numbered only by my three sons and myself and of course my daughter-in-law now and baby grandson.  We in my nuclear family are few, as my parents passed early in age; but I am fortunate to have my dear daughter-in-law to love and be grateful for.

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday, each of you.  Truly I do.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ahoy there Mateys

Here I am again...feeling like Popeye the Sailor Man! Strong and longing for a can o' spinach. Just hope Bluto isn't in my near future~!
down by the river...

I got to see the super moon sorta kinda last night.  It was tangled up in the branches (still have leaves on them) of my giant tall oak, poplar, maple and hickory trees.  So any pictures were of moon white here and there among the branches.  And there is a lot of smoke and haze from all the arson fires that were set.

I got through my little surgery thingy in less than an hour and my friend carried me back in style to Casa Katie.  She is in the window at this time soaking up rays to enable her constant care as soon as she wakes up.  First things first, she always says.

Her fav Tech was here last night to administer a mani-pedi and oh, what a trauma Katie felt.  You might think the world was coming to an end because as she lay there on her back getting her claws cut...she kept saying  "Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow".  She forgot to say the ME part of meow and just said "OW". Cracked us up.

So...I'm still standing!  Thank you so much for caring what happens to me.  xxx