Saturday, October 28, 2017

Those Stores I Go To.

Ackshully, those stores I go to...there are two in Charlotte NC  that I love and show things fromhere in the blog...are huge.  I thought I would mention a few things because I haven't in other blogs where I show what I buy or what I enjoy seeing.

They are as large as the so-called big box stores.. and all consignment goods.  Usually somewhat high end.  Especially the furniture.  No clothing, no five and dime type things.   I never take  pictures of the furniture as it does not interest me.  I couldn't afford toby any, any anyway.  There are china cabinets for several thousands..bedroom ensembles for more than that, and desks to make you wish you could have them.  All manner of things, even paintings; and as John said in the last blog, they take you back in time when they have the old old antique things as those flat irons and gas stoves I have shown.  I ought to take a 10 second  panorama video to show how large.

They aren't pawn shops nor thrift stores...just consignment.

Wish you could come along.  I look forward to those stores each visit there !

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Still Loving Those Consignment Shops.

I found he is not for sale...

wonder if these were a bad safety hazard?

Maybe Blues Brothers

Jeep Grills?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Been so NICE!

Goodness.  It has been perfect weather.   At least it has been for me.  Cold in the mornings requiring a light jacket and gloves for awhile while walking.  NO sweating as in the summer with sun blazing and humidity settled in, no matter that you tried to get there at 8-8:30.  I love not having the back of my thick hair all wringing wet when I go home.

There has been sun each day!  Gosh, what's sun in this sunless cloudy and rainy land?  We got the sun and have had all the sun all week so far.  Makes walking all the more pleasant.  You appreciate sun when you can get it.

Got my daily step count in all four days this week.   Went out to eat supper with a friend last evening and there went any efforts to keep the calorie count down.  I had a baked potato with butter on the side (I barely used any), broccoli and a child's portion of chicken fingers.  That's where it all went to pieces.  They are so full of calories and sodium.  BUT I only do that once in a while.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Last Week

Last of the fabulous days before 7 days of incessant rain, heat and humidity that was unbelievable.

The past three days have been nice again , with very little humidity and about 55-60 degrees at night.

Here was part of my walk before the horrible weather started again.

See you over at your place.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Looky Looky

I captured a cloud Hummingbird!  Wanna see?  The wings sweep back...the long beak is at 9 o'clock...the tail streams backward as expected.  That lower right hand side wing will clip that tree.  He'd better be careful.  I don't have to feed him or her.  Speaking of that, I do believe my hummers are gone now until next Spring, in April.  I will leave their food up and change it as a matter of fact this very day to keep it fresh for any weary travelers making their way back to their over wintering grounds.

They do remember where they get food, if they are "your" hummingbirds used to eating here even if it's just a stop off  at the restaurant of Chez Katie's Mommy Cafe.  Best nectar around.  Home made meals on the menu every time!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

One of Those Gorgeous Days

Oh it is so gorgeous looking out there.  Deep blue sky as is traditional for an October day.  October is an always beautiful month.    There are puffy fluffy cumulus clouds highlighting the deep blue.  The sun is shining and it is hot, humid and I just decided to give up walking today.  By the time I got back from The Big City, I had to fix lunch, do a few other things and's even more humid.  Just got my hair done yesterday and don't want to sweat up my scalp!  Yuk.  When you get you roots done, you don't wash out all that good work so quickly.  Best to wait 24 to 48 hours.

I had James and my DIL here Tuesday.  What fun.  We took him to a park that is equipped with  baby and toddler things on the playground ---and he wore himself out. I had left my phone in her car so I didn't get any pictures to remember the day by.  That will teach me.

Don't have a thing to say really.  It's just been so long.  Friday the oldest son (and I) will see his Dr. and see how things are.  Saturday, we will be at one of my son's home to celebrate an upcoming birthday of mine.  I asked for yellow cake with chocolate icing.  There WILL be sparks flying off my fork as I hardly ever get anything good to eat most particularly after the surgery I had two years ago. So I will lay my face down in the cake with my mouth wide open when I see it!  NOMMY!  Well, I will WANT to, but of course I will not.   It will be an early celebration as the actual day is on a work day, so we are commandeering one of the weekend days.

Wish you could be here Saturday to have some cake and ice-cream and a good lunch too.  We've all been friends a long time haven't we?  Some have quit blogging and I am so sorry that happened.  Some just lost interest in my nattering on I suppose so I don't see them any longer.  That is always sad.

my front yard

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Busy Spider

I was out mighty early in the morning these past several days except yesterday, when it rained hard enough to break concrete just about, and there was accompanying thunder and lightening aplenty.  Copious amounts!  ALL day.  But Monday morning when I was walking I found this well built home suspended on a pedestrian bridge over a creek.  The builder was off on business, so I didn't capture his portrait.   I have posted that accomplishment as my header picture for right now.  The dew was still on the mean the webs.

Today I was out in the same park and glanced up at the sky and saw my favorite clouds.  THIS time they did not herald the ever lasting rain.  They heralded the end of the constant least for a while.  It's the "Mackerel sky, soon wet or dry" come to life.  That old saying is true every time.  If it is dry and they show will rain sure as shootin'.  If it has been raining hard for a time..they show up...dry blue skies, coming right up.  We only get about 100 days of sun here out of the year.  They rest is rain or sunless overcast.

I will head out there again in the morning early.  It's getting quite cool in the mornings now,  at mid 50's to mid 60's.  I like to take advantage of that.  There are plenty of dogs and their parents out there too.  But they are leashed thank goodness.  Some of the owners do the right thing and carry bags.  Not all, but some.  It's a shame to not be able to walk in the grass in such a huge park though. To do so is asking for trouble.

Katie's brother will come home tomorrow.  Her human brother that is.  She will be so happy!  He was here the very first day  that she came home with me.  Just worked out that way.  And they bonded as much as she and I have.

Do you know any old sayings that you have found to be true too?