Friday, November 25, 2016

Almost December

Amazing how time rushes past us and though we know that, it is still always a surprise.  Around here the way times passage is frequently mentioned is similar to this:  It's Christmas day!  Turn around once and it's the Fourth of July.  Blink and it's Christmas again.  The passage of time seems so rapid.  One wants to say the rapidity is "unfair" sometimes--- as though that were a consideration!

But here it is, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas hard upon us.  Another year will be dawning and we repeat the pattern.  Rejoicing all the way here at my home but nonetheless it is rather like a film that runs out and is re-wound endless seeming times.  I am happy to hit re-wind as often as I am granted.

We all of us had Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter-in-law's parents home.  The house was filled to bulging I would swear.  Ham and turkey both with the ham as tender as anything I have ever eaten.  The turkey was moist and golden.  Grilled green beans that were enwrapped with bacon that was also grilled.  Mashed potatoes, and a delicious potato and cheese casserole was made as well.  Sweet potato casserole, buttered steamed sweet corn.  Squash casserole,  and many other things that mom tends not to eat, so she didn't take especial note... as well as moist delicious stuffing.  There were four pumpkin pies, each homemade including crusts, a towering chocolate trifle, a delicious moist applesauce bundt cake with true butter cream frosting.  Even more was on the two long tables.

The home is large and the younger kids ate in the front room with tables in there and everyone else at long tables in the dining and family rooms.

Many members of the extended family were there with my side numbered only by my three sons and myself and of course my daughter-in-law now and baby grandson.  We in my nuclear family are few, as my parents passed early in age; but I am fortunate to have my dear daughter-in-law to love and be grateful for.

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday, each of you.  Truly I do.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ahoy there Mateys

Here I am again...feeling like Popeye the Sailor Man! Strong and longing for a can o' spinach. Just hope Bluto isn't in my near future~!
down by the river...

I got to see the super moon sorta kinda last night.  It was tangled up in the branches (still have leaves on them) of my giant tall oak, poplar, maple and hickory trees.  So any pictures were of moon white here and there among the branches.  And there is a lot of smoke and haze from all the arson fires that were set.

I got through my little surgery thingy in less than an hour and my friend carried me back in style to Casa Katie.  She is in the window at this time soaking up rays to enable her constant care as soon as she wakes up.  First things first, she always says.

Her fav Tech was here last night to administer a mani-pedi and oh, what a trauma Katie felt.  You might think the world was coming to an end because as she lay there on her back getting her claws cut...she kept saying  "Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow".  She forgot to say the ME part of meow and just said "OW". Cracked us up.

So...I'm still standing!  Thank you so much for caring what happens to me.  xxx

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thanksgiving Soon...Wasn't it Just Spring?

Time does fly, to coin a phrase.  I just try to fit as much as I can into the time I am allowed.  I like to litter done of I can.  Thing is, each day starts with the same things waiting all over again.  But to coin another phrase, it sure beats the alternative.

Ordinarily I would head out tomorrow morning early to work out and then make my way around and around in the park for my walkie.  Tomorrow however is different.  I leave everything undone except making the bed and doing the dishes.  I head to a little one day surgery thingy.  Tain't nothing.  Only be gone a few hours. I'll be home to wrangle Katie in the afternoon.

Middle son will be here for Thanksgiving.  He's coming from over the mountains.  Can't wait.  We will have our meal at the youngest son's in-laws home.  We have done that the past three years.  I will bring a vegetable and some Sprite and Diet Coke.  Can't have much of anything as I am trying to keep to 1100 c. a day. I can eat turkey though and a green veggie.  It's kind of them to always have all of us over.  Of course, youngest son and wife and baby would be there anyway but me, and the other two are also invited each time.

Just checking in guys.  Checking on on you all and showing myself too while I'm at it.

See you in a bit...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ACK! ONE handed and now TWO handed!

Just this last (I promise) word.  Today I was in front of someone driving with both hands at the 12 o'clock position on the steering wheel.  The knuckles were sharp looking and they pierced the air with eight impressively tall bony knuckle peaks.  I would hate to get a knuckle sandwich from him!   It must be when you do that two hands at 12 o'clock high position long enough... perhaps then you don't over correct.  Me..I put both hands up on top of the wheel the other day to experiment...nope...ain't gonna work for me.  If I would have tried to make turn with both hands up there, I'd be doing circles!

I notice too that there are increasing numbers of folk who like to rush up behind you and stick to you trying to make you go faster.  If I pledge to you now that this is in the so called "slow" lane even...know I am telling the truth when I say I am doing 5 miles OVER the speed limit over there.  I guess what it is turns out to be is my ignorance of the fact that they own the road and that no one but them knows how to drive. Sheesh.  By now I should have learned.  More lessons will be forthcoming I am positive.

I have smiled thru time hearing people in my social circles saying "I wish people would learn to drive".  Usually that has meant that the incompetent  oaf in the other vehicle should get out of the speakers way.  I really love the comments that never change and never fail when it snows or there is an ice storm.  "If they would stay off the roads" " if they would get out of my way" "Why don't they go faster up (down) that hill?  They'd make it if they would go faster the incompetent boobs."

Snow and ice and east TN hills and mountains have no meaning or consequence to these intrepid super heroes.  I wish I were like them.  Maybe one day when I grow up.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hm....One Handed

Ladies, Gentlemen and Kitties and Woofies or two, I am thinking that I may be the only one left in the U.S. who drives with both hands on the steering wheel of a vehicle.  Nope, not speaking of texting here.  Just regular run of the mill driving.  Both hands on opposite sides of the steering wheel.   That's the name of my driving game. Maybe 9 and 3 position or 10 and 2 sometimes.  Most others that I glance have a knuckled fist up there on top...knuckles sticking up like pyramids from the grip on the steering wheel OR...a languid wrist draped ever so comfortably atop the wheel.

I have wondered how on earth you control the car with that wrist draped over the steering wheel.  That's worse than the one handed knuckle bearing grip on top of the wheel.  By the time you run over something and it comes to you that you may need to grip the wheel to prevent a disaster...seconds are lost in rearranging hands to hold the wheel.  Oh well.  At least I can say I hold on to the steering wheel.  This was not going to be a rant but durned if it didn't turn into one!

Its finally chilly here!  I may be under my fleece blankie tonight.  Of course some else may be as well.  IF she isn't draped over my forehead! These whiskers of hers feel like stiff nylon thread!  She comes down close to my eyes and nose and purrs extra loud.  Whiskers are very distracting!  Tickly and like little pin points!

Hope I get to walk tomorrow.  Have a small trip to make.

Fried chicken and saffron rice tonight!  Shall I set a plate for you?  Oh.  Green beans.  Buttered.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Year

Guys, Ladies, I am grateful  for another year.  Had a birthday last Sunday.   I try to use that gift of another year each day, but particularly now that it is not so grueling hot and humid.  I am out on a brisk walk after my workout unless something else stops me.  My very hilly street (all of them are hilly in this town though) is not practical for my walking routes nowadays as I can tax myself just so far in climbing hills and keeping up a pace.  I therefore go to a fairly level park and go for it!

On my birthday I was on my way home from seeing my middle son.  He usually invites me to his home on that occasion.  Sunday, on I-85 I was rocketing along at just over the speed limit when I became aware that there was a car exactly on my bumper...close enough to tap me I would say.

I had just passed someone so I was in the passing lane still.  Not able to go back to the right-most lane until the vehicle next to me either sped up or slowed down.  The dimwit behind me used the very narrow place that suddenly opened up to my right as the car beside me did move faster, and  dimwit shot around me nearly shaving my bumper...and decided to gift me with a "greeting" on that, my birthday.  I certainly gained the knowledge that he was very angry with me for daring not to crash into the car next to me thereby letting him by.  Had I slowed down so I could get back into the right lane he was magnetically attached to my bumper...he would like have shot me if he had a weapon.  He was in the way of my trying to get out of HIS way.  

He has to be proud he got around me at last and expressed his thoughts.  Way to be respectful.

Me, I continued on...not angry at all nor bothered.  I know what is important and that ain't.

I took these two photos with my phone way early this morning.  I will get out there with the Nikon in the morning assuming the builder and home are still there.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Been busy today.  Let me brag about it.  No, bore you about, tell you about it.

Up and change the sheets with Katie's able help after feeding her and opening and closing the front door multiple times for her.   Travel to the kitchen again and remove whatever is on the counter surfaces and clean and shine the counters.  Ooo la la.  I love shiny counters.  Put it all back (not much...I do not like clutter) and begin sweeping, then cleaning and shining the floor.  I thank the skill of my surgeon every single DAY that I can do all my housework and not draw a single troubled breath from cardiac issues.  Wanna wrassle?  I think I can best ya!

Then, I took that flat 2 pc. drainboard I like so much apart and cleaned IT.  No fun. And clean the stainless steel sink.  Change throw rugs. Set the kitchen to rights.  Travel to the bathroom and clean the tub and surround, potty, vanity and floor.  Travel back out and get the vacuum going for the full house as I always do.  Empty it and wax furniture after swiffering it first.  Clean all the glass table tops and anything else.  Already got the bathroom doors, both  of them cleaned , inside and out. (finger marks from everyone not using the knobs). Dust the tops of all the door frames in the house.  Already took everything off the dressers and bureaus and spit shined and re-did it to where it was. Did the wash, folded and put away.  Have to iron three items.

Shampooed my hair to take up where Katie left off last night.  Going to take a curling iron to it here in an hour.  Had lunch.  Got more to do but waiting till my toasted cheese sandwich settles.   I also had a  made with fresh fruit, smoothie.  I add two T of lite chocolate syrup to it (20 cal), non fat milk, ice, blend and oh MY it's good.

S'up wif yoo?