Friday, May 19, 2017


Still on the quest to find wildflowers of more than two or three varieties.  I used to be able to go to the arboretum and find them but the past five years has seen only columbine and coreopsis planted there for the visitors to enjoy.  Used to be many varieties there to enjoy.  There were bee magnets as well and I could always be among them and ask them to pose.  (kidding, but they always did if I waited long enough for them to sit for the few seconds it took me to focus).

Now,  just two or three varieties.  Oh, and some indigo as well.  Here's the indigo.  Very small blooms, as like a sweet pea in size maybe.  I deleted all but this one because I didn't want to display them,  But for identification sake I saved this one.   Not a good looking shot for you at all.  And it's out of focus too. That's why I deleted them.

  And wild geranium.  I put that picture in my Flickr page---the wild geranium.  And a columbine.  I have that in Flickr and on FB.  Maybe cone flowers will bloom out later and I can get some bees that way.  They have planted their so-called butterfly way station but ain't nothin' bloomin' . So getting butterflies isn't going to be easy.  Maybe in a few weeks.  Very little there.  I was talking to a business man who is a friend too and he said "so it isn't just me" when I said how few flowers were there.  Now one could always volunteer and do that work.  BUT it is too much for me.  I'm just gonna sit back and complain. 

Just stopping by.  xxx

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

I wish a very Happy Mother's Day to all moms and dads as well who care for and are or have been rearing their families. This includes foster parents, and to those pet parents who make such a difference in the lives entrusted to their care.  Without you, their innocent lives would be so different.

I am, as I always am, so grateful for the overwhelming (I mean that word fully) privilege of being a mom.  There IS no greater privilege.  I was allowed to have three sons who have given my life meaning and responsibility that I otherwise would not have had.  And most of all, the privilege I spoke of.

The gift of each son was more than any other treasure available here on this earth could ever equal.  This gift is not surpassable.

And Happy Mother's Day to the fathers who have reared their child themselves.

 As a mom who has had that honor, I know what love and dedication that takes.  Blessings to each and all today.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

There Are Times I Wish I DID Have Beans in My Ears...

When I go into a store...department store, drug store, grocery store I have started to hope I won't be subject to shrill whistling by the clerk.  Just whistling a tune or making noise...all high pitched and piercing.  Usually women.  Don't know any men so far who seem to do that at their station behind the cash register.

Then ya got'cher  folks, always women so far, who feel the need to free that song they have within themselves while you are  standing at the register or waiting to get there.  One in particular was singing along with the music piped through the drug store a few days ago. Oh my ears.  Um, no.  Please.  Stop.   The humming folks are just as awful to be next to or work with. (I have had this experience.  She was doing it to annoy the other three persons and myself).  (It worked! whattaya know)?

And how are you ladies able (only women so far in my experience) to pop your gum loud enough to the point of sounding like a pistol shot?  Captive audience here in the line...please stop.

These behaviors can also take place where you work, and it is difficult to endure hours each day as frequently you must.

I have hoped to escape those behaviors since I was a kid--- so ain't nothing new.  So far, no luck but at least I can walk away.  And do.

Friday, May 5, 2017

WOW! It Sure Has Changed

Guys...Ladies, (and children of all ages?) I was going through a site where I found a lot of old or I could say vintage patterns for sale.  '50's, 60's and 70's.  LOOK at the sizing.

Pattern:  Vogue 4092 - Vogue Special Design
Description:  Lovely fitted suit with sleeveless blouse.  
Date:  1960

Size:  10 - Bust 31 - Hip 33   Now THIS sizing was 1960.  

That would be a so-called size 0 now.

 A  used -to -be size 12--- before the manufacturers started the "vanity sizing" for all the folks who had gained weight was 34- 23- 34. The manufacturers got together and started the revised vanity sizing so that a size 20 lady could pick a size 12 off the rack and it would fit since the dimensions had been greatly enlarged.  This was so they wouldn't be embarrassed to go pick a large sized dress off the rack.  A so-called size 12 in today's sizing is ginormous.  I know because I wear that size, and trust me...I could never fit into a "back in day"  size 12. 

Just was aghast at the difference.  I don't think I could diet to those measurements of the days of yore. 😩  

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Five Minutes to work on a Task? HA!

I decided to put that "just do an unpleasant task for 5 minutes by timer and quit when it goes off.  Next day, do that again till it's finished".   Two days ago I put it into action.  No timer though, but I did quit after a few minutes.  Thing is, I was indeed finished within about 8 minutes.  Very nice and I rested on my laurels newly earned.

Yesterday, I took all the frozen foods out of the freezer, threw away very little I was surprised to see, and re-organized the freezer which it needed terribly.  NOW I can see what I have.   Today, I was in Hobby Lobby and found two little storage things for my desk top in the kitchen.  I had to go through everything piled up there and file, throw away or whatever.  That whole task was time consuming.  No five minutes there.  A good half hour or better--- but it got done.

Glutton for punishment I am, because then I came in with a bag and emptied the shredder.  It's in a tight place  and no matter how careful I am, there is a mess of shreds on the carpet after lifting the cutter. Dumped out the stuff, cleaned up the mess, shredded what was waiting and voila...another odious task done.

The junk drawer is in desperate need as is the desk drawer.  OH!  Woe is me.  Shall  I do it today?  Nope.  Suffered enough.

Did you know that NO one knows how to drive?  I have been in a car as passenger quite a few times being hauled in to work as I could not get down off my hill or out of my upward sloping driveway with snow/ice etc.  A Z28 doesn't/didn't help.  (now I have a Toyota Corolla just to be clear).  So, on the way to or from work or just anywhere in general I would hear from various people "These idiots just don't know how to drive"!!! I inferred that the driver in each case was the only individual who DID know how to drive.  I knew I didn't know how to drive obviously  as I was asking for a ride, right?  Anyhoo, each driver has declared that the rest of the folks out there are idiots and simply don't know how to drive.  They made awful mistakes and caused the driver trouble.  Like the ones who creep up a hill that you are trying to race up and git'er done.  There they are. Idiots. In your way.  Idiots, and they don't know how to drive.

And so on.  I got to thinking that there were only perhaps half a dozen folks here in a town full of idiots that "know how to drive".   I never said that, or I would have been booted out of the car and told to walk, don'tcha know?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

And So On

This past weekend gave us here one of the worst rains we have had.  Once in 2001 we had 7 inches of rain over night.  Vast flooding in the low part of town.  I am located on the highest point in town (and that's pretty high)  so no concern for me insofar as my house being washed out is concerned.  I think we had more than that but in three days and nights.  I will have to go to the weather Service website and see.  The sun is partially out today and yesterday so the worst is over.

I hurt one of my Achilles tendons now four days ago.  I can't take anti-inflammatory such as aspirin and ibuprofen or any NSAID.  I am extremely allergic to them.  The tendon area is swollen and I am concerned to be walking in a recreational way for fear of making it worse.  It was pressure on the tendon that did it.  It has  been" touchy" for years, but four days ago I put on a new pair of shoes with sling back heels...a strap...and I could tell it was too tight in that area of the heel, but did that stop me from wearing them? Why no.  I walked quite a bit in them and have paid the price.  The very sensitive tendon area was extremely irritated with the pressure from the heel strap and it looked like half a golf ball under the skin by way of swelling.  It is down a bit.

Guess I will go in and get my face disguised (makeup) and comb my hair and head out anyway for a very short walk.  Can't stand sitting about. Oh for the days gone by when I used to drive around all over the world to pick up blogging friends to go shopping. We had such fun on our pretend trips.  Sitting in the drive way honking the horn to hurry them out.  It was a buncha we women...going to make the rounds of the dress shops and so on.  Buy buy buy!  It was such a fun blog set with all of them.  Those days are gone.  Most are not on Blogger; and several have passed away.  I will miss them always and forever, those who passed. You get very fond of folks.

See ya later, gator.  Gotta assume my disguise as Southern Belle! ❤️

My Sunday Selfie

Monday, April 17, 2017


I never have liked bananas.  I buy them all the time in the past two years but I sure don't like them.  They are rarely tasty.  The ones I get, the two big brands...I don't buy the off brands...and usually banana colored mush sticks with almost no flavor no matter their peel color.  Yellow, spotted, you name it.  But when you get a really truly GOOD one, you see  why people like them.  I got a bunch a week ago with the label from the  "D" corporation...I won't spell it out. THE best I have had in probably 5 years.  Sweet, perfect texture.  It's a crap shoot each time I buy them.  Usually not in my favor.   Now what I am leading up to is:  Fruit flies.  Winter, any season at all, when bananas or peaches come into the house, there are swarms of them.

I finally got a clue and googled  making a home made fruit fly trap.  It WORKS!  I had a good dozen within half an hour.  I saw one more a few minutes ago that didn't get into the trap over night.  I'll take 1 over all I had.  I about don't want to buy fruit that has to stay out of the fridge.  Even with my trap.  That vinegar smells awful in the whole house.

I am hoping the price of grapes goes down soon. They will of course as they become more in season.  Speaking of which, In February no less, a grocery store here in town had out boxes and boxes of lush looking red strawberries.  I opened a box and they were hard as baseballs and had no smell at all.  So I guess they were gassed to turn them red as they do with tomatoes grown in hothouses.  Those two produce items were hard as baseballs and not worth the high fee charged.  If they were giving them away, I wouldn't have any.  I noticed the strawberries went from $3.98 a box to .50 cents. I think no one wants them even for .50 cents.  Tasteless and hard. Give your money to someone who needs it instead. :-)

Here is one I took and posted to Flickr a few days ago.  I swear, it took 25-30 attempts to catch him still enough for a second, so as to take his picture.  Always moving.   This was taken with my Nikon DSLR, with a close up lens.  I only carry my big camera when I am on a quest for macros.  Or landscapes.  Biggafy if you like to see him in detail.