Friday, October 21, 2016

Hm....One Handed

Ladies, Gentlemen and Kitties and Woofies or two, I am thinking that I may be the only one left in the U.S. who drives with both hands on the steering wheel of a vehicle.  Nope, not speaking of texting here.  Just regular run of the mill driving.  Both hands on opposite sides of the steering wheel.   That's the name of my driving game. Maybe 9 and 3 position or 10 and 2 sometimes.  Most others that I glance have a knuckled fist up there on top...knuckles sticking up like pyramids from the grip on the steering wheel OR...a languid wrist draped ever so comfortably atop the wheel.

I have wondered how on earth you control the car with that wrist draped over the steering wheel.  That's worse than the one handed knuckle bearing grip on top of the wheel.  By the time you run over something and it comes to you that you may need to grip the wheel to prevent a disaster...seconds are lost in rearranging hands to hold the wheel.  Oh well.  At least I can say I hold on to the steering wheel.  This was not going to be a rant but durned if it didn't turn into one!

Its finally chilly here!  I may be under my fleece blankie tonight.  Of course some else may be as well.  IF she isn't draped over my forehead! These whiskers of hers feel like stiff nylon thread!  She comes down close to my eyes and nose and purrs extra loud.  Whiskers are very distracting!  Tickly and like little pin points!

Hope I get to walk tomorrow.  Have a small trip to make.

Fried chicken and saffron rice tonight!  Shall I set a plate for you?  Oh.  Green beans.  Buttered.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Year

Guys, Ladies, I am grateful  for another year.  Had a birthday last Sunday.   I try to use that gift of another year each day, but particularly now that it is not so grueling hot and humid.  I am out on a brisk walk after my workout unless something else stops me.  My very hilly street (all of them are hilly in this town though) is not practical for my walking routes nowadays as I can tax myself just so far in climbing hills and keeping up a pace.  I therefore go to a fairly level park and go for it!

On my birthday I was on my way home from seeing my middle son.  He usually invites me to his home on that occasion.  Sunday, on I-85 I was rocketing along at just over the speed limit when I became aware that there was a car exactly on my bumper...close enough to tap me I would say.

I had just passed someone so I was in the passing lane still.  Not able to go back to the right-most lane until the vehicle next to me either sped up or slowed down.  The dimwit behind me used the very narrow place that suddenly opened up to my right as the car beside me did move faster, and  dimwit shot around me nearly shaving my bumper...and decided to gift me with a "greeting" on that, my birthday.  I certainly gained the knowledge that he was very angry with me for daring not to crash into the car next to me thereby letting him by.  Had I slowed down so I could get back into the right lane he was magnetically attached to my bumper...he would like have shot me if he had a weapon.  He was in the way of my trying to get out of HIS way.  

He has to be proud he got around me at last and expressed his thoughts.  Way to be respectful.

Me, I continued on...not angry at all nor bothered.  I know what is important and that ain't.

I took these two photos with my phone way early this morning.  I will get out there with the Nikon in the morning assuming the builder and home are still there.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Been busy today.  Let me brag about it.  No, bore you about, tell you about it.

Up and change the sheets with Katie's able help after feeding her and opening and closing the front door multiple times for her.   Travel to the kitchen again and remove whatever is on the counter surfaces and clean and shine the counters.  Ooo la la.  I love shiny counters.  Put it all back (not much...I do not like clutter) and begin sweeping, then cleaning and shining the floor.  I thank the skill of my surgeon every single DAY that I can do all my housework and not draw a single troubled breath from cardiac issues.  Wanna wrassle?  I think I can best ya!

Then, I took that flat 2 pc. drainboard I like so much apart and cleaned IT.  No fun. And clean the stainless steel sink.  Change throw rugs. Set the kitchen to rights.  Travel to the bathroom and clean the tub and surround, potty, vanity and floor.  Travel back out and get the vacuum going for the full house as I always do.  Empty it and wax furniture after swiffering it first.  Clean all the glass table tops and anything else.  Already got the bathroom doors, both  of them cleaned , inside and out. (finger marks from everyone not using the knobs). Dust the tops of all the door frames in the house.  Already took everything off the dressers and bureaus and spit shined and re-did it to where it was. Did the wash, folded and put away.  Have to iron three items.

Shampooed my hair to take up where Katie left off last night.  Going to take a curling iron to it here in an hour.  Had lunch.  Got more to do but waiting till my toasted cheese sandwich settles.   I also had a  made with fresh fruit, smoothie.  I add two T of lite chocolate syrup to it (20 cal), non fat milk, ice, blend and oh MY it's good.

S'up wif yoo?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

It's Not Like I Said Two Wheels!

Ya know, when someone who is driving is going to turn a corner (and of course not bother with a turn signal) it would be refreshing that they make their way through the turn in a timely manner rather than come to a complete stop, then turning. stop sign involved nor any traffic light to make them stop.  Just a very very slow driver who seems timid.  This is usually at a business where the driver wishes to go into a parking lot.  Ah...but I duly note that no one made me Queen nor Supreme Ruler who gets to say who does what, and when.  Drat!

 It's a bit  more aggravating when you are waiting to make a left turn at a traffic light with no left turn lead and you see that the opposing traffic has a vehicle approaching about to that point where you cannot safely take a chance on turning until they go by.   That vehicle you're waiting for to come on through so that you may turn left surely has a brick wedged under the gas pedal so that the accelerator may not be pressed to afford more than, say...oh, I dunno...perhaps 15 mph until they labor through the intersection.  (Where you have waiting, hoping for a chance to turn left before the next red light).

I also have noted that I don't get to say that MY timetable is more important than theirs!  Double drat!

At least it is not as bad as being behind someone who is texting.  They continue to sit at the light when it's is green.  They weave and wobble as they proceed down the street after some heartfelt honks of the horn at them.  However, I would rather be behind them than approaching them from the opposite direction as you never know where they will veer off to.  That thought just brought a memory from "back in the day" when mobile phones had not yet been made available.  I have seen folks with a newspaper propped up on the steering wheel hurtling down the interstate.  They stayed in the "slow" navigated around them.   Also, back then I used to see more men driving with their wrist stationed  atop the steering wheel.  Naturally I never do anything wrong.  I am total perfection all the time.  Sure!  I have more than my share of aggravating driving ways too.  I just won't talk about 'em!  😊

P.S.  In my header, I took those pictures of those Indian Blanket Flowers...a form of daisy... several years ago.  They are one of my favorite flowers.  I will bet I would never say a word to one of them if I had to wait for them anywhere in the world.  Love them.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

How Could I Forget THIS One?

"Reach out"  The media always reaches out.  The can't possible just contact reach out.  EVERYone in media  uses that phrase.  Reach out implies you are feeling empathy, sympathy, concern, all the other terms that I will spare you from.  "Contacted" is more like it as far as the media's use of the word is concerned.  The false implication of concern  they don't even realize they are doing, is annoying.  Gosh I'm on a roll here with overused inappropriate phrasing in media!

Meanwhile, I am pruning back, or trying to, my use of exclamation marks from a constant THREE of them when I wanted to emphasize something to a mere one!  Now, if I could prune back my over-use of commas I think I would be cited for some writing awardie.  I am the comma QUEEN!

I have aways used ellipsis throughout my writing of anything.  Stories, blogs, you name it. They come in handy but I had to break myself from too many of them as well.  And no one can write in phrases more so than I.  I have no idea where or when I picked up that habit.  Wait.  I think I do know.  It was during  my career where a written documentation of all conversations, telephone particularly  or otherwise was of vital importance so I invented  my own shorthand out of necessity.

Here..have a cookie with that coffee and you over there, pull up a chair.  Plenty of room here at the table.

Whoops...carry on while I steam clean the bathroom floor.  WAY overdue for a good thorough cleaning.  Like Arnold, I'll be back.

See the heron?  I got him (along with the chiggers) in the wetlands.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

And Then...

Guys, I loved all the additions you all put in, in the last blog.  One I may have forgotten...too lazy to go back and look right now--- is the phrase "change up".  Please.  Just say change.  WHY is the word "up" such a grand additions?  This awful phrase has been going on a good six years or more.   But who's counting, right?  The ol' "having said that" is right up there too!!

  I had included all my loathed words in the last paragraph of my last blog, trying to be funny.   *Whispers*... I don't think anyone noticed my feeble attempts.

Ennyhoo, I love reading your own "suddenly tired of" phrases and please use my blog to add them in any time you feel like it.  Doesn't matter the subject matter I may have posted about.  Tired phrases are always fun to read as we see we're not alone!

This just in  ;-)  Sitting here with my bottle of A&W diet root beer.  Slugging away at it and almost done.

Oh.  Meant to say...I started a diet about three weeks ago.  One thing I wound up doing from the git-go was cease any bread/sandwiches/baked goods.  Not sure why I did that.  They are not evil.  I think I was trying to cut the intake of carbs and that seemed to be a good way.  Simple carbs.  Not complex carbs though I have not had hardly any taters in those three weeks.  I love potatoes in any form except  potato soup. So it HAS been a little bit harder for me to avoid much of those however.  Sugary type things are easier to avoid because the craving goes away after several weeks of having none.  I do have fruit smoothies though and a banana to hold me when I am extra hungry.  I dislike bananas, but I will eat them when I am desperate.

It's lunch time and I believe I will head into the kitchen and have my strawberry smoothie.  I use a cup of skim milk, 2 T of Hersey's Lite chocolate syrup at 40 calories  for two T.,  a cup of cut up fresh strawberries (I have found some great ones in a local store that taste GOOD!  Not like the wooden tasting hard things in other places), a sweetener packet, some ice cubes and turn the blender on.  Um Um Good.

My usual mish mash of talking.  I feel as though I am sitting at the kitchen table with you.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Things I am Suddenly Tired of + Reading the comments is a whole other blog and fun too.

Tain't much, that which I am tired of.  Just a few phrases that are over-used so much.  If words could ravel and turn ratty and worn, these several phrases would.

Come on media and TV talking heads...really now.  Can you change up  (that's one phrase right there I am "suddenly tired of" ) your phrases for a little refreshing change please?

What do I mean?  Well, the almost every other sentence from TV channel to channel (news) you hear "At the end of the day". Over-used by everyone including friends and local newspaper pundits.  Please.  Just say another phrase.  I know if you try there is one out there. As "later" "Finally"  nothing at all?

Then ya gots yer "going forward" thingy.  Please don't Announcers and Talking Heads. Please,  say something else.  What did you bunch of folks say before that phrase and the others I will mention here started up about ten years ago--- along with the "at the end of the day" horror.  I think the first time I heard that, it was a sports personality/coach, some such.  Oh, did it EVER catch on.

Lastly but not leastly...I just wanna not hear "Gone missing".  Got lost?  Disappeared?  Why use a British turn of phrase?  Sounds better?  More fancy?  To me, it sounds affected.  Get over yourselves media writers and speakers.  "Change it up" to another way instead of always saying the exact same set of words year in and year out.

I know what you're thinking.  Don't listen.  Usually I don't unless it is something I need to hear that will affect me.  But I will hear whatever talking they choose to say--- however they choose to say it--- with their key catch phrases, unfailingly.   These are the most often heard by me.  I know there have to be more. Just at the end of the day, going forward,
I would like to see medias change up their mode of speaking and writing or I will be gone missing from the telly, which usually I am except for Katie's baby shows she sleeps thorough in her recliner.