Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog from 8/05

ell, Birthday man came and went but the other son is still here for overnight...headed back tomorrow afternoon.
We had said steaks, potatoes all rotten ( and they sure needed more cheese in them. Live and learn) ( that's what you get for following a recipe). Also corn, and I made some peas a little differently. Only one son liked them. The other two think they came from a distant Galaxy far far away. They won't eat 'em.
You know, it's hilarious when we are all 4 together and it comes time to choose a place to go out to eat. ( at) :)
We are all sitting there and the first one says " well, where shall we eat?" I chime in about then and say " Long as it isn't fish or Mexican." ( calories) ( on an ever lasting diet).
The next son speaks up and says " well, what about -------?" ( just fill in a restaurant name here) and the other son will say " I'm sick and tired of _________!!" and the next son will say " well, how about ________?" and the others or I will say " NO!". It goes on and one. And this happens every time without fail. We all laugh at ourselves for being so dang picky but we still go through this each time we need to choose a place to go out to.
I showed the youngest son what I got the middle son for Christmas ( just got started shopping as mentioned in another entry).
It is a family joke in a way. He, the middle boy did something once and told us about it in the place he works. Laugh? I liked to have hurt myself. And I never forgot it. So I found JUST the gift to commemorate the occasion! He should love it!!! I want him to see that about close to the end off the gift exchange.
Speaking of that, this will be THE last Christmas I must work. I am a 12 hour rotation shift worker, and babe..I am outta there come next September.
I was watching some of the footage of the tragic flooding in the Gulf States. It is horrendous. I felt the need to pray for them and shall. I also saw footage of the horrendous looting that is going on. They were bold enough not to mind the reporters and photographers presence apparently. That was heart breaking. To see someone or see so many people running about with shopping carts looting. Trying to profit from others' terrible misfortune instead of trying to help right all the terrible things that have gone wrong. It was mind boggling and sobering to see that looting. I don't think I will ever forget it.
Later, dudes

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