Thursday, June 24, 2010

Christmas Day for a shift worker 12/05

Nothing much goes as you hope or plan ( dare to plan) when you are at work. And that is a certainty. However, you are at work, not at home and that is to be expected if the thing you were hoping for doesn't have the time to happen.
We were " gittin' it" before our shift even started and we continued to do so till we left. All 12+ hrs. Our little supervisor get- together was left by the wayside not unnaturally, by work. Perhaps tonight. I was glad to get home after 5 hrs sleep the day before but darned if I only slept 5 this time as well. Not the cat's fault. Just could not stay asleep. I'd say the strain of the shifts,and knowing everyone will be here for the rest of the week and I need to find time somehow to prepare are telling on me. Family is always worth it.
Merry Christmas, those of you who read this.

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