Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flowers 2006

I was just reading someone's blog a moment ago and thought about flowers. Some people just
They are a gift to others, fragrant with good , strong and beautiful with pliant resiliance against every day doldrums.
I would like to be someone's flower, at least occasionally. When I deal with the public (which I do in huge numbers) I like to greet them and leave them with a genuine smile, courtesy, and something to make them smile as well. As I am in an occupation not like many others, so I have many chances to do this.
It's a way, albeit a small way, of being of service to others. I hope that the bouquet I offer is taken each time I hold it out. But even if it isn't, that does not affect me as I will hold a fresh one out to the next person as well.
My personal countdown has begun. Have to head back to bed in little over an hour. Hopefully I will have a good nap against the coming home time of 0700 tomorrow.
Guess what I want to do came Fall? Visit some more National Parks. I have a Passport ( issued to keep track of the National Parks one visits) and can't wait to get the next stamp in it.

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