Thursday, June 24, 2010

Get Out of Jail Sorta 12/05

I'm off now and on a 3 day break. Whoopee.
I laid down at 0815 to sleep I thought, till 1255. Nope. At 1031, I woke with an exquisite burning pain in my heel. Or more properly said, the tendon running up the foot in the heel area. NO way could anyone sleep with that kind of pain. Highly localized and like a blowtorch had been applied to just that half inch wide area. Every 30 seconds or so...WOW! Red hot pain. I gave up and got up. Took 2 Tylenol in the hopes it would help. So, 2 hrs. sleep since 1445 yesterday. Not fun. I hope it will be calmed down enough to allow me to sleep well tonight as the family will all be here for our Christmas tomorrow.
Got a sweet Christmas ( hand made) angel for Christmas from one of my co-workers. On my kitchen window sill. Also a honeysuckle fragranced candle. I really can't use candles as the cat may hurt herself or set the house on fire. But I can take the lid off and just enjoy the fragrance.
Nothing happened at work last night. Thank goodness. After Christmas Eve and Christmas as mentioned in 12/25 blog entry, we sure needed a break.
We did get to wondering however how Nextel's radio function works on their cell phones.
How do you get the person you wish to talk to? Dial?
Well, on another note..I will have to get un-addicted to sweets. For the past month I have eaten what I want when I want. Guess what? I gained weight! Imagine that!!! So, this break is as good a time as any to un-addict myself. ( I swear I really DO think you get or can get addicted to sweets. It's awful when you quit them cold turkey).

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