Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last of August '05 blogs.

Well, tomorrow is one of my son's Birthday. As a rotating shift worker I had to do the usual and ask him if he wanted us to celebrate that day today or on my long break coming up middle of next week. ( We have, as a family, had to do this for all the years I have been a rotating shift worker). He chose today, the day before.
I took him out to lunch, gave him his card; an invoice of the present I ordered on-line for him in lieu of having the gift in hand today. I also bought 10 lottery tickets, just the one dollar variety and as always he got 2$.
Came home and then headed up on the paper route he used to have, armed with his digital camera with a new stick of memory to video the old route. Where he made his mistake was in having ME, the technophobe handle the digital camera. Do I have to even tell you that nothing was videoed??? Despite my best effort to follow directions?
I laughed so hard I sprouted tears. Of course we had to turn around and start again. This time I drove and HE handled the camera! He's looking at it now listening to all my lame comments made as we drove along. ( Me, I forgot as always that sound is recorded as well as what you're aiming at.
He's on the floor here at the house aiming at my cat who is ensconced wonderfully in a basket. He just got a video ( still digital camera) of my hummingbirds a little while ago. They, the hummers, are loading up readying themselves for a long long trip from here in East Tennessee, over land till they fly non stop over the Gulf of Mexico where they will winter.
Guess what? He is FINALLY going to get a cat of his own! Maybe in September or October.

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  1. I have to say I don't know if there's enough coffee in the world to give me enough energy to transfer my blogs over here...not that anyone would look at them this energy a by product of those amazing tomatoes of yours?