Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh my! A Rant? Surely not!

I was listening to the noon news some months ago when they reported that one town in New Jersey will now ticket the driver of a car $50.00 if they are smoking and there is a child in the car! (the second hand smoke issue) No, second hand smoke is not a good thing but read that will tell you I am aware of that. Why are people such sheep? Why do they allow this persecution? No, I do not smoke. No, I do not drink. Heck, I don't do much of anything at all, but I DO know that it is unfair to target smokers constantly.

Why don't you also fine and tax drinkers for example? They go home and may say or do something not fun to the family if they are inebriated. That affects any children in the house or on the street doesn't it? They may kill you by driving why not set up some 'dragnet' to 'catch 'em and tax 'em' if they dare drive after having a drink? Why smokers all the time? Because they are an easy target! Why not people who consume alcohol? Because yon lawmakers are imbibing. They don't want to jeopardize themselves!!!

Every time you pay any attention at all, someone or some group of consumers are being jabbed. It's get money any way you can for the towns and States they are in. You smoke? Pay up. What's next? If you weigh more than 5% over your ideal pay a levy on each pound? Did you forget your deodorant today? You pay. Ante up $100.00 in a fine to the City each time you "offend" someone ( and of course, "their" word will be taken over yours...) and after 3 such offenses, you go to Rehab.

Did dogs or other animals forage through your trash cans last night while you slept? Too bad. You offended the eye of a passer-by. Pay up. Maybe "they" will goad you into believing it is politically incorrect to have red hair (gasp! I hope not!!) so therefore those of us with it mindlessly apologize that we have it, and go dye our hair the correct color whatever that may be. Gosh. Can't have what the masses are taught is not correct! And by the way, jeans will not be tolerated. Turn them in to be donated to the Man who lives on the Moon and then you will be issued loin cloths. Ah yes....

Yes, I am being silly, but by the same token, this constant attack on people exercising their right to ruin their lungs and their health and NOT attacking those who are guilty of even worse, gets my goat. So there!

How about concentrating your State and City wide efforts on real criminals...on dr-ug push-ers, on pernicious
drunk drivers out there kil-ling people, children included? Oh no. There might be some effort involved there. We'll just go after the soft targets.

End of rant.


  1. You need a new blog…Ranting On!!! Winkie-Dinkie!!!

    I must admit other than being busier this time of year. Another reason I have not been writing something because I would probably go on a rant too…And that really is not like me. I like to be a my cup running over kind of guy.

    Speaking of cigarettes. My pet-peeve is those who flick there burning butts everywhere and anywhere. Grrr!!!

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  2. Lookie...Lookie...I can leave a nice long comment. As you know...No can do...Any longer at WLS.

  3. Well guess Obama better avoid New Jersay And it will be on the banned sate for him and his kids.... what brand does the prez smoke