Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There it goes

Well, by golly, I have 24 hours off between the day shifts and the midnight shifts. So, I am enjoying my little break right now. Just got home, made a sandwich, had a Coke and thinking of a good hot shower.
The cat was glad to see me. Bit my hand!! I was petting her and she got too stimulated with all the petting so I got a little nip. No broken skin, no blood. Just a warning.
It is just too doggone hot in this part of the Country. We are 9 inches behind in rain for the year. The temperature is about 10 degrees above normal every day. While I love to see the sunshine, we are in need of rain. I have had to go out and water the little pansy bed I planted every few days as there is rain. I can hear the frogs " singing" in the evening as though it were Summer. Now with the price of natural gas going up so drastically it will, at least for now, save me some money. However this IS November and I would like to see cooler weather.
I went out to work again in just a T shirt at 0550 this morning. Coming home at 1900 tonight, just as warm. Sheesh!
I had three day shifts I have completed therefore half of this set of shifts is now over. As I mentioned, I have the three midnights starting tomorrow. Consequently I will rise rather early in the morning so I can have a nap of 2 hrs. at noon, and get started with trying to get my days and nights turned around in a hurry.
I am actually going to have to turn the overhead fan on, for pete sakes! It is that warm in here!!
Later, dudes

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