Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday June 24, 2010

It finally showered out there. Not for long..maybe 10 minutes but it was a hard rain and faintly refreshed the grass.

It has been beastly hot..horribly humid but then, it's summer. We got spoiled in a way the past three years when it was cooler than normal as it rained practically every day! That was a gloomy several years with sun every few weeks or so for maybe 2 days and then,. back to the grind.

I was sad to see the one tomato that had ripened on my tomato plant was rotten from the bottom up about half way. I hope I get a least 1 of the 15 or so tomatoes in varying stages of formation! That was so disappointing.

This blog is incredibly boring..even for me. I was just trying to get us into the present day and I hadn't a thing to say other than the tomato sob story. So I'll do a kindness and get off of here.


  1. I like your tomato sob story. You will have some ripe ones, plenty for BLTs.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Sounds like blossom end rot on your tomatoes. Hopefully the rest will be ok, but don't be surprised if some of the others have it too. It happens and gets any tomato grower mad.

  3. Oh NO. Cindy is there anything I can do? Or what DID I do to cause it?

  4. Oh no, the bottom rot! I had BLT's for supper and I drooled eating them!! I hope the rest of your maters will be ok. But be prepared to shoot them.

  5. I think Cindy maybe right. Im not sure if its too much water or what it is and have had that before.
    Love your butter fly.. Stunning Carole. The color of her is so wonderful also.
    I love your view and your thoughts.

  6. I believe they are not getting watered consistently that can cause them to rot just before they are ripe. But then you said at your other place you were watering the very regularly. I know someone had the problem, but they were often letting them get to dry between watering. Your butterfly is sooo beautiful.. I have so many photos right now of flowers, but not sure where to go just yet. I am soooo torn...

  7. I still can't believe that you lost a tomato like that. Well, let's hope for sure you get to enjoy some of your crop. That's a delightful picture, butterflies just can't be beaten as photographic subjects! It's been cooler than normal here for quite a few years now so though it crept into the eighties today it felt very warm to me...sheesh, I can hardly wait to face Africa after becoming so used to cold.