Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Whoa! I thought I was really in trouble!! I was doing the housework I always do soon as I have my nap off the midnight shifts when I am finished that work cycle and as always, the loudest rock I have is playing...loudly.
Well, I noticed the music sounded " dead" sort of, and finally noticed why. The sub woofer wasn't functioning. I did everything there is to do and more and no luck. Turned out to make this short, it was that the plug wasn't seated as well in the receptacle as it should be. That fixed it thanks to N. to whom I hollered for help. I did everything BUT check that.
So now..I can rock the roof off again.
Now. This is more important. Anf this is the warning I spoke of:
eBay is trying hard to make sure you know it really IS them when they send you an email. They have worked at it. One of the things they do is use YOUR user name, something that a spammer or phisher wouldn't necessarily know. I got an email this morning on getting home that was supposedly from eBay. Right. First off, they didn't use MY user name. The used a name and address that I never use on eBay though it IS one of my addresses. Next, they, the spammer, tried to doctor it up by appearing to put in another users so -called ID and saying it was an important message from user whatever and to read it I had to go to this link kindly provided by the false eBay. Sure! They even more kindly supplied the text of the message anyway to tempt me. A buyer was saying " where's my stuff? I'm going to report you to eBay! "
Well, number 1, I have never sold anything on eBay. Number 2, that was THE most patent attempt to get me to click on their phony link I have ever seen.
I reported it to eBay security and got a quick reply. That phishing attempt was a keyboard virus. They warned me ( eBay) that if I had clicked on any links to do what I could to get rid of the virus.
Fortunately I did not click on anything. I recognized it for what it was. However, whomever is reading..don't fall for the somewhat better done virus/phishing emails. As eBay always says...go to eBay on your own, and use the usual procedure logging in to the real thing that YOU yourself brought up and check on whatever may be bothering you.
Just trying to be of service.
Later dudes

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