Saturday, June 26, 2010

Woo Hoo '06

Here I am, on my 24 hr. break. But even if it is awfully short, I am grateful for it. Midnights start tomorrow at 1900 hrs.
I stopped off at the drug store. Going to try that product called Abreva. I think that's how it's spelled. I have the barest beginnings of the second fever blister I ever had in my life. Eww.
I am SO glad to be home. And so glad my middle son is better. He got extremely down and sick. He had taken the flu shot, he said. As he is a Teacher, he needs one. However, the flu came and got him anyway and this is a very bad case of it. Tamiflu to the rescue. That stuff apparently works wonders. Yesterday to today he feels 2/3's better already. Reminds me of the time back in the mid to late 90's when all the boys were home and he, a teacher then as well as now, got a horrible case of the flu from the kids he taught. No flu shot either. Me...the iron maiden got it too. From HIM. The two of us were so badly off we laid or sat on the couch and the loveseat respectivly for three days and nights not moving. Ask my youngest! I remember him full well saying in exasparation " Shave!" to my middle son and " Put on some makeup!" to me. He was so tired of seeing us starring at nothing..not moving, not eating, not talking, not watching TV, reading. Nothing. That's how bad we had the flu. Luckily he didn't catch it.
That was the second time in my life I ever had the flu. And the first time was just as bad. I swirled gracefully to the floor while trying to make up the little one's bunk beds. I crawled to my bedroom literally, and heaved myself into bed where I didn't move. The phone rang mid morning. I answered and it was the school saying the middle boy ( about 7 years old then, had the flu and come get him. There is no more conscientious mom than I was and am. But I had to tell them I couldn't get out of bed. Not even to go get him. Would they please bring him home. They were upset with that and likely didn't believe me; but they did. The Principal drove him and he crawled into bed beside me and there we lay till the other two boys got off the school bus.
Their father had to take care of us for several days. That stuff just knocks the pins out from under you.
Anyway, hello...'see' you soon either tonight or in the morning.
Later dudes

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