Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Andy Rooney Moment 4/06

What ever happened to journalistic neutrality????  I have brought this up before.
There are two networks that in my opinion are the most biased I have ever seen. They are National networks and while it is habit to have those particular stations on when I do bother to watch TV (local news) I leave it on when I get up "just because" for awhile till I hear what is issuing from the reporters/hosts and I have to change it.
Now, bias is in the eye of the beholder, or, better said..the ear and mind of the listener.  Those of you of a 'certain age' will recall newspapers and TV reporters simply telling the news.  There were no "tones of voice" not subtlely at all that conveyed the reporters own personal views.  That was not done.  One did not compromise the newspaper nor the TV station by injecting ones one views.  Well those days are long long gone.  What you get now is what I term "yellow journalism".  And that is liberally laced with the reporters own point of view, his/her own personal slant, conveyed by look and tone of voice and verbal emphasis!!
Yellow journalism too is a term for sensationalism.  Now tell me again.  How do *I* benefit by seeing the personal pain and angst of someone who has suffered a tragedy?  Close up and wrackingly close to the person's face so that we don't miss a single tear or any of the person's pain. Tell me again why this is something...this very invasive violation of personal privacy, benefits me???
Does this invasiveness bring on compassion from the viewer.  Yes, often times it does.  Does it teach anything?  No.  In my opinion it does not.  We most of us know through personal experience what family and National tragedy is.  Do we need to invade another person's life and mind? No, my personal opinion is we do not.
All this is sensationalism and done soley for the peeping Toms out there who feast on other's pain and even more importantly for the Networks and Publishers personal financial gain.  My opinion and I will stick by it.
I would like to see (the unlikely) return of strict reporting of the news.  Without innuendo, without rolling of eyes, without "tone" of voice conveying opinion of the network/reporter.
AND without the gory and heartbreaking up close and personals of dead and mangled bodies of children, adults and animals.  Tell it.  Don't show it.  I for one am not a voyeur.

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