Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Before I go

We have our tickets and we have reservations for lodging when we get there so just waiting to leave tomorrow.  Thanks for your kindness in comments.
I was invited to a gathering of old friends..we are a tightly knit group, for lunch and just enjoying seeing one another again.
I wasn't going but decided that going would be better than sitting here thinking about things so I went on and so glad I did.  I'll tell you; the support of true friends is priceless.  So glad they are mine and I am theirs.
I have a relativly new friend, one I feel as though I have known forever, who has written frequently this past week up till last night to support me and the family.  I can't find the words to say how much I appreciate that.  What a gem of a woman.
It is georgous here today and should be on our return Sunday late.  But the weather where we are going says light snow.  Sigh.  Since we are taking carry on luggage I can't take my formal dress coat.  Too warm to wear it constantly so guess I'll take my jacket.  A little awkward considering how it will look going into the church but one does the best one can.
So I'm just kinda hanging out waiting for the moment to leave.

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