Sunday, July 25, 2010

Believe it or not, I know the day of the week 9/06

Shift workers ordinarily don't know the correct day of the week nor do we know the date usually.  That part of a mental test is something a lot of us would not pass.  However, I am no longer a shift worker as of yesterday and I messed up last night when I thought it was Friday. (It was to me) but today is a new day and it is Thursday!
I worked like a so and so yesterday.  I cleaned out my dresser drawers, all of them and got rid of stuff I haven't and won't wear.  That was 2 standard garbage bags full. (old worn out stuff I should not have kept to begin with) and two leaf and lawn bags full of good things out of my bedroom closet to give away.  That and cleaning house were my crowning achievements yesterday.
Today, I visited the derm to get a mix up in perscription fixed.  Headed to Home De*ot and got their "Counter Mag*c" which is the best there is to do counters..and some sponges and Per*o floor cleaner. (that's what I have in the kitchen).
I had to get up this morning but as I rose I thought "You know, if Ray (pest control) weren't coming at 9, I would not have to get up!".  (I can't stand layin' in bed..but the thought was nice.)
Mrs. Kitty will have to re-adust to the fact that I am no longer on shift rotation.  Make no mistake, pets DO learn your schedule.  I will have to deal with being awakened at 3 in the morning for awhile and with her looking at her watch asking why I am not in bed for the midnights.
Speaking of which, were things different  or as they used to be till yesterday, I would be going in on midnights tonight!!  And taking a nap by noon.
Yippee!  They can't get me.
About that ID for voting that someone else spoke of and that we are reading  about in the news.  It is my understanding that having ID or /and birth certificate...something in order to vote is brought about by the issue of illegal immigrants coming into the Country and believe it or in OUR elections.  And getting health care as well etc etc etc.  Does that put a different slant in things?  It may help, they say in the paper, to keep those who are not qualified to vote, off the rolls.  And that will help our vote as an illegal's vote negates our vote, and so on.

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