Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Big Day 9/06

That'll be 9/25 for me and Marie Beth.  ' I don't know her year, she doesn't know mine..we'll just guess.Terri, if you join our party, bring the ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. The more the merrier. Meet us on the playground.  Now, if we could just solve the small problem of being separated by humdreds of miles.  LottieMae, I believe you are onto something regards December!  ;-) though.  There ARE a lotta September babies!!
I finished the last mid this morning and off till Friday but I think I already said that.  Looking forward to the time off and doing the errands.  It's warm and very humid today.  But our area here holds onto heat and humidity for a long time.  Well toward or at the end of October..and a week or so into November.
Just checking in.  Have a great evening..see you in the morning.  I am whupped.

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