Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can't Wait 4/06

I'm off work till I start the dreaded 6 day thing Friday.  But until then, I am off and tickled to death over it.
I celebrated the usual way which is cleaning up the house.  I have said too many times already that I cannot think how one woman and one cat can make such a mess.  Probably it's because I won't do anything at all until I am off.  I allow myself that as my hours are so torturous.  So, that leaves it all to be done on the first off day opportunity.  But that's OK.  I have also mentioned many times that it is a pleasant routine I have set up that allows me to know I am indeed away from work.  I can sit in my chair looking at all the papers that have piled up while working and see the vacuum cleaner marks on the pile carpet.  Only a neat freak (on off days, understand!!) can understand why looking at gleaming surfaces and vacuum cleaner marks on the carpet can be wonderful.
Meanwhile, I have had a great afternoon and the sun is still shining.  That rain they mentioned still hasn't gotten here. 
Got my shower, my phony tan nails polished, my hair up.  What's not to like as I also have a gown on and it's only 1800!  Hey...on midnight shifts which I just finished, I would be getting in my vehicle headed to work at 1800.
Just 5 1/2 months left in the torture chamber (work).  Then, it will be mine to say where I work and what I do and how much I do it.  I haven't been squirrling away money like a mad woman for nothin'!  Meaning I make a great salary and I doubt I will make that much elsewhere.  You never know but why not save against the possibility that the salary won't be this good always?
Other than the joy of being free for a few days, nothing much has happened.

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