Sunday, July 25, 2010

Different Kind of Day 9/06

Well, I got a sweet surprise today.  Somewhere around 1300 hrs. two shift supervisors gatherd along with two of their employees into the large area where I work.  My supervisor and I are on duty with no one else  in our building as it is Sunday and an off shift.
I didn't even suspect anything going on but soon, a great big ol' strawberry chock full and running over with tumbling huge strawberries appeared with a large amount of whipped cream. Jokes were made, if you know what I mean about the whipped cream, me, and well, you know. 
I ran into the place where we keep silverware and dishes and I dished out all the pie .  There was just enough.
Then a beautiful pink bag appeared with a was a going away card, signed by the the group that was in there with me.  Then, at the bottom of the bag was a gift card for a large amount of money at a Mall in The Big City near me...(15 mi. away).  I was flat out honored and touched.  That was completely unexpected and very dear.
We had a party for about an hour and a half I think.  I could not have been more happy nor more honored.  And sad too.  A shift is like a family.  Seriously.  And when you are there so much of the time with our wierd schedule, shift rotation and 12 hr shifts, we are frequently there more than we are at home.  Sad but true.
I will be leaving after 24 years of shift work to something else at the end of the month.  That will be here in two weeks.  Thursday morning coming up will be my last look at my shift as I leave it.  I will be made to be on day shift (just SHOOT me!!!) for the last two weeks of the month.  Then, I will be gone..and as I stated too many times in the other last I will be home on Christmas..birthdays..any time others are home.  A normal schedule somewhere else.  But I will miss them all terribly.  That is the simple truth.  We take care of one another, stick together, rarely really fight with each other. And, in a familial sense of the word, we love one another. They can't read this as very few have my blog address until I leave.  So I am writing this as a loving tribute to them who can't even read it yet.  But I'll make a speech Thursday morning at breakfast.  I hope to have another going away card signed by many more.
Dudes...see you tomorrow.  Sleep well.

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