Sunday, July 25, 2010

End of a Personal Era 9/06

ast night was my last shift with my folks.  I never had a chance to get too introspective as everyone kept coming to see us.  That's unusual for a midnight shift, for sure, but I fancy they wanted to look at the ol' girl (me) again and say goodbye.
I got another goodbye card in the form of a wonderful book that was signed by everyone in Utilities, and had a breakfast this morning after work.  We had a great time.  I'm afraid pix were taken in Sho*ney's with those ever present cell phone cameras.  I hate those things.  I tried to be nice about it but I detest pictures taken of me without permission.  Even though they are my family in a manner of speaking.  Anyway, we all had a great breakfast (I bellied up to the Breakfast Bar, myself) and lots of laughs.  My supervisor was there too.  I got a lot of hugs and kisses on the jaw these past several shifts.  Got some surprising mail as well from some managers in the plant who expressed that they hated to see me go. That is an honor.  Who would not be pleased to know that your way of dealing with them has been pleasant enough that they'll miss you? 
There was one with a hint of more in it.  I will report on that later if there is anything to report.
I got another card that was carefully chosen.  I would have known that anyway as it was so appropriate to us and our friendship over the past years.  I will cherish all of these and they will have an honored place to be where I can see them.  I think there may be a bit more as I still am going to be there at work another 2 weeks.  I am just not going to be on my shift.  I guess I may as well get used to saying 'former shift' now.  But it was my well thought out choice and when it's time to move on, it is.  I will keep up with some however and they with me.  That effort takes two to keep a relationship and I will hold up my end in that. 
One thing that surprised me was... now with the stark reality of my leaving there, several I work with have shown a deeper friendship toward me than I knew was there.  That is extremely welcome and may even lead to a friendship outside the workplace. However, I am ready to go forward to the rest of my life. 
So I have had two "parties" as it were, and some cards and lotsa hugs so far! More if it happens when it does.
I am up from a 3 hr. nap and have all my cleaning materials out and ready to begin the usual clean up.  As I have stated one woman and one feline can make a mess like this is beyond me!  I have said however, that I do absolutely nothing while on a work run.  Nothing.  No sweeping, dusting, dishes (I have no dishwasher..the two pink ones at the end of my wrists work fine) bedmaking, counter cleaning..nothing.  And she can sure mess the kitchen up!!!
So, with that in mind I'll go for now and get started.  Have to find some good hip hop to clean to.  Makes the job a lot more pleasant if you can stop and dance! (not kidding).
Marilyn..the state of my triceps tells me I need to learn to swim.  I am one of those petrified adults though.  I'll have to do something!!!
Beth..warm hugs and love.  You too Patty, Vivian, Terri, Lottie Mae!  Well, ALL of you.

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