Friday, July 2, 2010

Fast Forward March '06

I am looking like a blur this morning as my day progresses in fast forward.
I had to get up early so I can go to bed at noon and actually sleep in a long nap.
What I didn't do last night has to be done this morning..and I sure didn't do anything last night but read blogs and write one. I did do the few dishes that were in the sink. So today, so far, it's shampoo, set ( I am not a fan of curling irons which is why despite long long hair I don't have a split end on my head) and general cleaning up plus the laundy wash, dry,fold and put away. Sweeping and a look around at the rest of the house and not lifting a finger is it for the day. Tonight, the show begins again, i.e the midnight shifts.
Wondering how my favorite blog friends are faring. Two are not well and I wish them the best.
Ever think about the really old times in the 1800's for example when people traveled? By horse, horse and wagon or on foot? When I go over the mountains to visit one of my sons, I am awe struck at how difficult it must have been back then to get from point A to point B. Their trips weren't long, for certain, but arduous they had to have been. We may whine ( I certainly do!) at the 5 hrs. it takes to get to Charlotte NC and the twisting winding Interstate but please...don't put me on a horse and say " have at it, complainer girl!". I read occasionally letters from people who were young in the 1920's and how just getting somewhere 30 miles away was like a day trip! The lack of roads as we know and take for granted; the newness of the automobile then and the troubles with them. We ought to be grateful for all we have in advances of technology and not take them for granted without realizing how it could be without them.
I know I ought to be in the kitchen assembling something for the next 3 nights..

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  1. Oh! my goodness for that we don't traveled by HORSE:-)Well in that time nothing to ride on??
    Maybe another 100 years time people use a helicopter to shopping or go to the work?
    Not enough cars for the road?