Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Father's Day 06

When I get home tonight at 7, I will be on my 24 hpur break whereupon I will begin the midnight shifts following the 24 hrs.  As I have said so many times..oh well.  Someone has to do it.  And they pay me well.
I am still mad about not being told (not any of we victims) about the cyber hacking that stole our info.  I am left as are the others with trying to keep the horses in the barn.  Cheryl mentioned in her comment about the Vets.  Indeed.  There are multiple work friends who got letters regarding that.  I wish the Gov't. had been as good about informing US about OUR peril from months ago!  They waited like 6 months!!!  That is beyond belief!  Vivian said she'd read about it.  That guy responsible for not telling all the victims ought to be fired, just as the secretary of Energy said.
Today is Father's Day.  Happy Father's day to any and all Dad's out there who may be reading this.  After all, without you Dad's there would not be any of us Mom's!!!  Mom and Dad.  The MOST important partnership I can think of. 
It's 0424.  I know I need to be in there washing my face and looking for something to wear.  I have had two excellent shifts so far.  Busier than hen's teeth, yes, but some laughs along the way.  I had a relief supervisor who is just plain funny!!!  Enjoyed the heck out of the 24 hrs so far we have worked.  Beats the hound out of 11 1/2 hrs silence out of 12. (my supervisor just doesn't have much to say to women..he talks the ears off of guys who come in.  (I just have mold forming on me over there on my side of the room).
See ya..have a fabulous day, all of you.

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