Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday 9/06

should be at work, but I had to call in.  I'll start tomorrow and work on through to Thursday morning next week.  Yes, I will be allowed to sleep between the 12 hr. shifts.  I just thought about how that read. 
Beth asked me about the gemstone roughs I mentioned yesterday as a hobby of mine.
Those are gemstones straight from the ground that have not been shaped, cut or polished.  The look is not what you think of when you think gemstones but the roughs are what Nature gives us and we humans work on them to produce the stones you see and buy in a jewelry shop.  The exception being amethyst and some of the quartz crystals.
Many times they are quite beautiful as they are straight from the ground.  That's why I love to collect them.  I have a lighted china cabinet full of them. 
There is ruby, sapphire, clear quartz, citrine, lapis lazuli, garnet, peridot, rose quartz, emerald, beryl, amber, turquoise, calcite crystals, to name just a few of what is on the shelves.  Those are  some of the precious ones and I have many varieties of semi- precious.  I have fossils too.  Love the things. I have a piece of the Appian Way.  I have fossil plants and a few fossil animal remains.
I have a large bowl of unfinished 'general' gems that aren't usually looked at as gemstones but are..such as agate, jasper, carnelian, etc .etc. that I keep on the dining room table.  The hobby has caused many remarks at work at my expense (and I love it!!!!) about how all my funds are in "rocks" as they call them, and that to get any thing done to the house, I will have to "let loose some of them rocks!".  One day, a dear friend of mine who had labored hard cleaning out and re-doing my closets, all of them with "Closet maid" took a break, leaned over the dining room chair and fixed his gaze on the centerpiece.  That being a large crystal bowl of my general quality stones..the jasper, agate, etc.  He raised his eyes and looked at me and said "wait till I tell_______" (my boss right now) I said " What?"  He said " A man comes in and works hard all day, he's hungry (and I did hear his stomach growling and was about to go out for food) and what does he get served!?  A bowl of ROCKS!" 
It may be one of those things where you have to BE here to appreciate the humor, but I almost hurt myself laughing.  I told my supervisor the next work day and he smirked.  I get all kinds of remarks about being a female Jack Benny, or any other penurious person.  (saving habits)(and a mason jar with money in it) and I love it!!!   It's a running joke and has been for years.  Started when I first got ADT as an alarm system.  My then supervisor said " what's the matter?  Afraid someone will steal your rocks?" and it hasn't let up since.  I make sure I tell as many on myself as I can to keep it going.  It's fun.Good thing they don't know about the vault with the moat and the alligators I have in the basement, isn't it? (I feed the alligators Jell-O)
That's what gemstone roughs are and just call me Jack.  Well, I never!

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