Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Glorious Day

After enduring several days of cold, wind and incessant rain, today is just absolutely georgous!  Sun, relative warmth and I even uncovered my little glass topped bistro set, hauled out the green market umbrella, slid out the two chairs and propped my feet on one, sipped my bottle of water and read the newspapers that were piled up waiting on my return. Had the phone out there too of course, and what a relaxing fabulous mind resting time!
I headed out early though after cancelling a Dr. appointment ( too tired) anf got food, did a bit of shopping and came home to do nothing.  Just absolutely nothing.  It was wonderful!
Found out through friends that the tornadoes around here were that, around here, not here where my home is.  A few miles away, and they did get some really impressive winds and thunderstorms here but...nothing destructive as a tornado.
I have all these stories tall trees surrounding my home so I always get concerned with wind. (I would have them down, but those of you who have ever done that know how expensive that is, especially with so many).
My youngest son is exhausted and so is the middle one.  My grandson seems to be the only one who is still chipper.  I sure ain't!!
I will start midnight shifts Thursday, ending Monday morning at 0700, for those friends who want to know the schedule. (That is why I persistantly put that stuff in here, it's for them).
As always lately, I will finish with thanks to friends and neighbors who were such a support to me and the family.  I will not forget that.
However, life flows on and I will cease recollections of such a somber topic now.  Thanks for your patience.

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