Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Grief 9/06

Not real lady-like but  as I had referred to hydraulic pressure in the last blog so I will again.   After my neighbor's burglar alarm in her car went off at 1245, I was thoroughly awake, believe you me.  Her car is about 40 feet from my bedroom.  Still, as it was that early, I thought I could go on back to the sleep I was wrenched out of.  Nope.  Hydraulic pressure no matter how I tried to ignore it.
Note to self:  Do NOT eat a big bunch of grapes when you come home from work and head to bed.  Because guess what??  They are largely water.  And what does water do, boys and girls?  Why, FIFO would be the shortest and simplest way to explain it to myself.
I gave up after 35 minutes, and disposed of those grapes as it were.  Went straight back to bed.  Laid there about 40 minutes.  So comfortable but...I could not go to sleep.  So, I got up and here I am.  This is gonna be one heckuva long shift when I get in there tonight at 1830.
I decided that I will have caffeinated coffee today and all night. 
The count down has begun.  There are many more folks at work  and on my shift that are becoming aware I will leave in a few weeks.  I had tried to keep that to myself till the last moment but somehow it got away from me.  Loose lips among friends and it's just me and my privacy issues talking here.  I try to keep my personal business to myself but that's just me and sometimes, as in this time, it is unrealistic.  Did I think no one would notice when I wasn't there any more? All kidding aside, I was just hoping to avoid the requisite goodbye party.  Those are nice in their way but emotionally draining when you are leaving friends. about 3 weeks I will be moving on.
There is a hint of Fall in the air and  in the slant of the sun.  Have you noticed?  You all in the North sure have.  I have read your blogs and it is definitely getting cooler there.  Here, it got down to 65 last night and the sun is, of course, rising a little later and no longer in my eyes on the way home from a midnight shift.  But the slant of the sun shining down is the big indicator.  Definitely has that Fall look to it. Not full-on as it was..but slightly at an angle when I look at the splotches of sun on the deck for example.
I have been around to see half of you when I got home this morning..and about to go see the rest of you.
Have a great rest of the weekend. 

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