Monday, July 19, 2010

Hate it when that happens '06 (babies left alone)

I know all of you have been through this..when you write a blog entry..hit publish and nothing happens.  You hit it again..nothing.  Again, nada.  And, it's lost and gone forever, Clementine.
I went thru with a long one on several levels..and it never seems to fail that for me, there are problems getting the entry to publish when I have taken time to polish and make a couple of points.  Zonk!  There it into neverland.
I had been talking in that failed blog about having read the small piece in BethMarie's blog regarding paying attention to your children.  It gathered a number of replies not the least of which was my rather over long reply.  It hit close to the heart.  I wrote about my own boys when they were small. I tried hard to give them attention.  And probably I am guilty of too much attention up to this day.  :)  But better that than not enough.
I headed off to a Super Store..(you know where I went), yesterday to get some fruit and whatever.   I heard a little boy's voice saying " Mommy!  Mommy!" I looked around and saw the sweet boy in a grocery cart.  (we call 'em buggies around these parts, but for Yankee readers, I'll say carts).
Anyway, there he was..adorable precious little boy..and having had three of those myself, I will admit I am predisposed toward little boys.  If I had my way, I would have had two dozen!!!  Unfortunately, my then husband vetoed that idea and it does take two after all. Back to what I was saying.  He kept calling out for her..and looking toward this woman about 15 feet away from him,  Never the first TIME did she even turn to see what the matter was.  Not one time.  I know because I stayed there to see.
I never ever did that.  I wouldn't allow my children to be that far away from me in the first place in a public area.  Secondly, when they hollered, I was there to see what was going on.
How can you not go to your child under normal circumstances?  No I am NOT avocating that each time they make a sound you drop everything and run.  I am saying however that children are a precious gift.  The most precious gift you can be given.  It is a privelege to have one.  Too quickly as Beth's poem stated, they are grown and gone from you.  Let them know every day in every way how much you love them, cherish them and how much you care.  Protect them and guide them. Show them, your child or children, the love that He shows you.
There are no second chances with do-overs. 
Just a rant..I think I'll try to spend a day in a day care playing with babies.

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  1. I can sure identify with the kids. I tired my best with my two and think I did the best I could at the time. Sure I would change a few things and think we all would.
    I just had two sweet boys for five days. Yes I still have hair left but there are hand and foot prints all over me. I thought I would be tired right out and I have energy to burn. Its nice to have them now and then send them home.
    But the days of having mine I love each and every memory. Parents do things differnt these days . I see it alot. Time goes on and things change. and Wow I have missed a lot of your blogs. You have blogged your little heart out.
    Where to catch up.