Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is it Morning Already? 9/06

Hate it when I do that.  Woke up at 1400.  Heard the cat meowing..then heard some random sounds that made me wonder what they were caused by.  Hydraulic pressure ensued and it was all over but the shouting.  So, I got up.  Got 6 hrs. sleep which is better than 5, I guess.  I could have stood an additional hour but oh well.  This is just the way it is for me while working.  Got that first midnight done and starting the second of four tonight.
The Company did an article on me and my five counterparts.  I got to see the draft last night when I got in to work.  Read pretty well.  There was a proposal to do individual articles on each of us along with pictures.  That's nice but I am glad to be leaving at the end of this month.  I don't want to deal with it. 
Man, I got to thinking just now.  I think what woke me wasn't the cat meowing, it was the hickory nuts falling onto the roof.  I have trees that are stories tall all around me.  And one that is right over the bedroom roof though very high in the air is a hickory tree.  That sucker starts dropping hickory nuts about this time of year and the sound of them falling from all that distance is like gunshots!!!  It will plumb make you jump if you are just drifting off to sleep.
The rest of the trees (I live in a forest- like atmosphere) are oaks and maples.  Well, a few poplars too. I think I have a picture of a corner of my back yard in my albums here on the blog. If you have ever looked at those (the album with 18 or 19 pix in it) you will see how wooded it is.
Actually just looking at the ones off my deck I took pictures of should tell you how big they are.
I am about to get into the kitchen to rattle a pan and make some breakfast.  I am a proponent of breakfast even if that meal happens in mid afternoon as it does while I am on midnights.  I am always hungry for one thing when I wake but eating a good breakfast keeps me from mindless noshing for a good 5 hours. 
I haven't been around to see anyone yet.  I will soon as I get some food into me. 
And Dad, today would have been your birthday.  We miss you so very much still. 
Have a good weekend you guys and girls, and do something fun and different!

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