Monday, July 26, 2010

Just a slight exaggeration July 26, 2010

Well, to be honest, that 'mater I spoke of and lied about to you when I said it was the size of a It did have a 16" waist though. That's pretty darned big. He's history. It's done been eat. That's Southern speak for I ate the whole thing. It took 2 days to do it and a lot of tomato sandwiches covered in black milled ground pepper ahhhhh...'s gone to glory.

The kitchen IS painted and the little lady didn't like it one bit. One, it smells of fresh paint in here and kitty noses are extremely sensitive. Two..her litterbox is under the desk in there and it was a major inconvenience for her, I finally took it up and put it in the tiny bathroom along with her food and water. She said she might consider coming out from under the bed and did, just long enough to P. looks very refreshed now with fresh paint in the kitchen now. Next week, we do the living room. I have to get the paint. Still trying to make up my mind about color etc. Then, each bedroom and the hallway. I just hope to pete that the weather stops being this beastly hot though.

Other than that, not a lot to say. Glad we are by ourselves again here and stuff is back into the kitchen. Taking all of the gemstone roughs out of the big china cabinet I use for a display is going to be hard when painting time comes to the living room. Some are very small and I worked hard getting them placed advantageously. Now I have to take them out so the cabinet can be moved and painted behind. Sigh. But it's taking books out of the bookcases that will be THE worst job of all. They are ceiling tall and packed three deep on the shelves.

See you soon. I will hit publish and see if anyone is still around.Red rose


  1. Pssst, I'm here ;)
    Nothing in the world like a big 'ol tomato sandwich with fresh ground pepper, the barest, barest sprinkle of salt, and for me, DUKE'S mayonnaise! Oh myyyyy, I love Duke's so much that I could eat it with a spoon. As the old song goes, "That's what I like about the South"!

    So what color did you do the kitchen? I'm getting ready to redo the kitchen as well and I'm going back and forth on colors, etc. My poor ceiling needs a major overhaul. ALL plaster walls and ceiling in this house so that's a huge job.
    I know what you mean about the china cabinet. I have 2 large corner cupboards filled to the gills, but "place" of course, and I dred ever taking them apart again. Add to that a just-shy-of-8ft tall and 5 ft wide secretary that weighs more than I care to think. I collected first edition books and they were all in there, just like yours. Then I moved to this house and there was nowhere to put the secretary. Darn thing is a one of a kind and over 400 yrs old so I wasn't going to let it go. Know what I did? I stored the books and made the entire secretary into a china cabinet in the dining room. Worked out great! Ok, ok, I'm not rambling like we're sittin' in the kitchen. I'm leaving now, lol :D
    Give Miss Catt a cat smooch for me.

  2. (if you change the font in my comment to microscopic, THEN it will take up 2 lines)

  3. What color did you paint the kitchen? As for the living room, if it is small, I would go with white or eggshell white.
    I love the look of a freshly painted room, not the odor though.

  4. The color of the kitchen and the entire house is called cashmere white. It's faintly off white. I may break down and have my room a bit darker.

  5. Sis they have paint now that has no smell (REALLY!) I forgot who makes it though.. as for the moving things.. sounds like a lot lot lot of work to me..Mom used to use the term WOOL WHITE for a color we had here for our woodwork.
    I guess that would be OFF white now or maybe cashmere who knows.. Take care not to overwork that back.Perhaps you could mark with a tiny piece of tape on the shelving where you took off certain pieces so you can replace them back in the same spots. Just a thought.. :D

  6. Y'alls yammering reminds be about the time my wife decided to paint our kitchen many years ago.
    First, she went out and picked up the paint and supplies while I moved the furniture out of the way and covered the rest.
    When she got home, I opened the paint cans,then grabbed my gear and took off for backpacking up in the hills.
    I believe in self-preservation!

  7. I'm the opposite, I LOVE the smell of freshly painted room. It's sort of a clean fresh smell. We're all still here by the looks of things.
    Dave. Typical man! I'm getting to old for it now but I love decorating. The hallway and stairs badly need doing here, but I daren't tackle the stairs too high.