Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last Day 5/06

Last day shift when I go in this morning.  I get 24 hrs. off and start the midnight shifts tomorrow night at 1900.
As in yesterday, I am already fed, read all my email, gathered up what to take in to work.  Just have to splash and then dash.
Someone is coming to the house right after work with me tonight to help me get that big georgous "filing cabinet" I have of wood, open again.  Due to its configuration I had some heavy things in the top drawer as that was the only drawer that locked.  Unfortunately that drawer, not unlike we humans, met its last straw as it were, and crashed through with all its many and heavy content, to the lower drawer.  Hence I have been unable to get to the needed paperwork in the bottom drawer for a few months now.
One thing I want is the car's title.  If it's in there.  If not, I have the serious task of going into the regular filing cabinet in my room to find it..and that is stuffed and disorganized. ( who's got time!!?? My excuse and sticking to it!!)
I hope to buy a new vehicle within the next several months. I want to take a son, whichever is available, with me to keep from getting rooked too badly.  It's bad enough, but when they see a woman walk in, it's "Katy bar the comes one!!"  I'm not going to even pretend I know what I'm doing.  I have an idea what I want to pay.  I have a will of iron. And I have turned and left many a time in car buying preambles.  But that doesn't make me knowledgable.
I will, I imagine, sell my present vehicle, a Saturn, myself.  I have had several offers.  Everyone who has offered knows it is well maintained, and after 10 years I have struggled up to 63000 miles.
I'm running on..I need to get in there and choose some clothing and start that water running.  Maybe it won't rain for once!!
Go to church..pray for one another and 'see' you tonight.

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