Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Mighty Huntress 9/06

To my sons:  Boys, you certainly remember the large and well rounded variety of wildlife that Robin brought into the household for our delectation?  Well, for the first time ever, this little one finally got a chance to emulate Robin!  She caught a lizard!  It was almost funny except I felt sorry for the lizard.  He was running across the carpet..she skidded into a run and caught him and stood there with him half hanging out of her mouth not knowing what on earth to do next.  Her face was a study in "????"
She dropped him and I had the door open, so he escaped.  She doesn't know that yet and is waiting at the entrance of where he had scurried to get away from her once he tickled her mouth enough to make her drop him.
To the rest of you..I must have been severely lacking in entertainment last night as the cat and I played peep eye!  She had taken up her supervisory position at the threshhold of the bathroom doorway while I put some moisture cream on after my bath.  I turned my head and saw one beautiful green-gold eye looking at me.  The other was hidden from my view by the door jamb.  I moved my head to where she could no longer see me.  She moved HERS to where she could see me.  I moved mine back..she moved get the picture.  It was actually funny to see her move  her head so that the one eye was again into the area where she could see me.
I have felt better than I do today.  I think it's exhaustion more than usual.  However, that should be over with tomorrow.  Mean while I soldier on.  And I did some shopping too.  Two dress skirts and a knitted tank top.  I couldn't help myself.
Patty told me to do it.
Guys, gals..see you later.

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