Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday '06

Preparing for the midnight shifts starting this evening at 1900.  I have all my little foods etc all separated out into 3's and ready for the next 3 shifts.  I'll head back to bed at noon for a nap I hope!  Oh, I don't hope to head back to bed..I hope for the nap. .  The cat has been relentless in waking me up often these past 3 day shifts and if she continues that I will have to close doors and keep her out.  Neither she nor I will like that but I have to survive.
It was nice reading the comments last evening when I got home and logged onto the blog.  I want to tell you all that I appreciate the well wishes and super nice thoughts.  We all of us don't "know" one another, no.  But we know OF one another as I feel it's impossible to keep the true self from shining through one's blog.  After having read the blogs that I keep as links on mine each day, I have an idea what you all are like as you do me.  I'm easy.  Work work work--errand run errand run-errand run.  Oh, and the every other month or so trip to Charlotte to see my middle son.
I guess about 9 or 10 months ago I had made a statement in my blog more or less specifically to 5 bloggers linked to mine that if we were all actually living on the same street or in the same neighborhood, we'd all be great friends!!  Imagine the fun!!  I still feel that way.  I know for sure I would try to sit at Beth's table for supper, go to Terri's and play with her grandchildren, read the Bible with Vivian and have Bible lessons together and the same with Larry only I'd take my guitar and ask if I could sit in!  Marilyn would be my mentor to go back to school I would hope; Cheryl would make me think... where till now occasionally I have gotten lazy in a scholarly way due to too much work.  Lottie Mae, Patty and I would head off to town and turn it upside down.  THEN we'd have a good lunch and come back to one of the houses and have coffee.  But not before we went to the library and got Terri in for supper with us.
Just a little blog love out to you all.  Thanks for being there.

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