Sunday, July 25, 2010

Next to the Last 9/06

Well, really, the last!  ;-)  Today is the last day of my break and I start that horrible 6 day thing Friday.
I went to retrieve my new glasses again.  The first time they said they were ready I wore them home, had a royal headache within half an hour..kept trying to clean a non existent smear off the left lens.  Finally I noticed I could not see well out of the left lens.  For whatever inexplicable reason, the OD changed the astigmatism correction.  Thing was, I saw 20/15 out of my old glasses with no complaint.  Hauled them (new ones) back to the eye Dr. and had to endure another exam and the time wasted out of my little off time, and voila!  What do you know?  No correction was needed.  So..had to wait till today to get them back again and I understand that they are exactly the same as the ones they are replacing.  I'm wearing headache, no smears that aren't there so I think two visits will do it.  Last time it was 3 visits.  I have NO idea whose prescription he put down for me, but it sure wasn't mine.  I had to go back 3 times, and two of those I was talked to by "the girls" as though I were out of my mind.  Then too, they needed to be put back the way they were with no different correction.  OK ! Vented THAT!
Got my hair done yesterday.  Looks good.  Having dinner out tonight.  New restaurant.  Looking forward to that.
Man, I can't wait till I have more time so that I can begin a systematic clean out of this house.  I saw just the desk/secretary I wanted yesterday and my friend with me said " Where will you put it?" A very valid question.  This place is bursting at the seams.  You wouldn't necessarily know that as I have one gift..that is, keeping vertical surfaces clear of objects.  None of the tables, end or coffee hold anything but lamps and the phone..the kitchen counters only have some small decorations on papers at all.  BUT where the clutter is, is too much furniture for so small a home.  I have several collections..not large at all.  And I bought things to put them in.  I have a barrister bookcase with silly Beanie Babies that I don't want except 2..that were given to me over the years.  I need to  find a worthwhile place to donate those.  I have at least a thousand hardbacks.  Those are old friends and I don't see winnowing out more than perhaps 50 it that, but it needs doing.  Trying to talk my oldest into organizing them for me..all the bookcases. Once I get that one barrister cleaned out..out it goes and it will free up some room in the spare bedroom. 
I have a small narrow curio cabinet with my Cherished Teddies and not that many of those.  Maybe 18.  My china cabinet houses  all of my gemstone roughs.  Now those stay.  If I have to stand in a corner and hold them myself.  LOVE the hobby. Other stuff can go.  Gemstone roughs and books stay. 
Just checking by to see if you all are at home!  Have a fun evening.

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