Sunday, July 25, 2010

Now that was big! July 25, 2010

The guy who fixed my dryer the other day came back (after a call to see if I would be home) and he brought me a basket of Tommy toes out of his garden and 6 tomatoes of such a size that they will last a week.  I am working on the one that is almost the size of a cantaloupe.  I finished half of it already by cutting slices 3/4's of an inch thick and making a sandwich from the slice which more than covers the bread.  Oh my about heavenly tomato perfume and taste from heaven...drool drool.  My own tomato bush is making millions of new tomatoes right now.  All green and small like golf balls at this stage,.  I hate fried green tomatoes by the way.  My mother made us eat them when we were small..I detested them then and still do.

She also made us eat hominy.  There is NOTHING on the earth that I detest more than hominy except perhaps fried green tomatoes.  She made us eat them when we were little and those huge nasty pieces of hominy were detestable.  ( for you Yankees, that's not the same thing as grits) Eventually she gave up trying to make us (me and my two brothers) eat the horrible punishment-like stuff.  Sick smile

Now that is not to say Mother didn't make us scrumptious food because she did.  Just not those two detestable things.  One thing I just remembered she gave us for breakfast many times was oatmeal.  Always the whole steel cut oats that you cook for a while.  She broiled bacon, and when the oatmeal was done,  she buttered the serving for us..real butter, added sugar..and crumbled bacon on top of that.  My tongue almost beat my mouth to death to get that down..OH so GOOD!  To this moment in time I can't think of a better breakfast.  And her waffles with King syrup...and generous butter on top..hold me back.

You'd think I was hungry right now but I'm not.  I am full of grapes.  I eat too many and I'm always uncomfortable for awhile.  You'd think I'd learn!Red heart


  1. I had to go get a napkin to catch the drool. UNFAIR POST when a person is hungry, lol.
    Carole, hate to tell you, I loved hominy AND fried green tomatoes, but then I love anything edible and aways have. Sorry ;)
    Never heard the phrase tommy toes. Would you tell me what they are? The visual I've conjured isn't really all that good if you know what I mean, lol.
    Later (darn it, that was more than 2 sentences)

  2. One of my favorite breakfast foods when I was growing up was a dish my Dad loved from his Army Days. It was affectionately called SOS (Sh#t On a Shingle).... It was chipped beef in gravy poured on top of toast.
    Never have seen it in Restaurants, so I get sausage gravy on toast instead of biscuits....then use the biscuits for jelly, or sopping up egg yolks.

  3. Hominy... great stuff... mix with chili at times, prefer posole though...
    now where did I put that napkin... gotta clean off the drool.

  4. Good Morning Carole, That was awefully nice of the dryer repair man to bring you those delicious humongus Toms as I call them. Matter of fact when I go down stairs I am going to make myself a toasted tom sandwich for breakfast.
    I have the morning off from work and had planned on sleeping in but a knock came to our door. Our street is still a construction zone or should I say a war zone. Anyway they are digging trentches and pits on the other side of the street now, and came to ask me to move my van for the day. I am now parked way down the street until I go to work at noon. So much for sleeping in. Oh well!
    My grandmother use to make green tomatoe pickles which I loved as a child and put it on almost everything as do some children with catsup.
    I never heard of hominy but I did just google it before I wrote this comment. I can't say I would like it or dislike it. Maybe someday I will give it a try.
    Well I had better go have my Tommy sandwich and some more coffee.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs and Smiles
    Dianne :)

  5. It's hard not to overdo some of the wonderful bounties of the garden I know. We've not actually grown something we could eat in a very long time but I certainly remember the days when we did. One year we had asparagus that grew gosh I loved that! You certainly have a way of reminding me of good things and making me hungry all at the same time!