Saturday, July 10, 2010

Odds and Ends 5/06

I think with this 3 hr. nap I just got up from I'll be able to make it through the night.  (Oh no..that song with those words will also make it through the night WITH me!)
I loved the comments about my foray with occasional days of dropping things.  I have done that since I was a kid.  I believe they call it "klutz"  and around here they have always called it " The Dropping Ceremony"!!
I love it.  What I didn't think to mention is that I move with the speed of light--I walk fast and do things fast and that sure don't help none.  :) Now I won't be walking or moving fast when I get home in the morning, that's for sure!  I'll be dragging myself to the shower and bed.  Cat'll probably beat me to bed and be waiting for me with the expression like "how come you took so long?"
It quit raining at least for now, so glad I shooed that rain up to Michigan where it's needed!  I told it to stay a couple days!!
About time to go in and find what I will wear tonight and lay out tomorrow's clothes as well and start packing my bag with my usual drinks and frozen entree.  Here it is, mid May and as I mentioned to someone in their blog this morning, I can't set out my indoor plants yet as it's still very windy, chilly with temps in the mid 40's to low 50's expected for about a week.  They are all succulents which as I mentioned before & even "I" have managed to keep them living all these years.  I hate to set them outside just now.  They might turn on me if they have to shiver.
So all of you take good care and be safe.

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