Sunday, July 25, 2010

One more Round

Tonight, I am diving in for one more round of midnight shifts, 12 hr. of course, and this time as I no longer have MY shift, I will be a "guest" on another shift, DD shift.  That gives me something to do while I wait out my time to leave.
My youngest emailed me about a conference he is going to in Nashville Friday the 29th of September.  That is the  day of the big gathering of my family to help me celebrate the end of that personal era..working where I do and doing what I do.  Those who read this with any regularity know that the largest part of my celebration besides having all my sons here will be taking down the aluminum foil that has been on the windows in my bedroom for 24 years.  (yes, it has had to have been replaced a time or gets holes in it and I have to re-do on an every 4, 5 yr. basis) But to have the sun or just natural daylight in there will be so strange.  I don't have curtains or even valances at any window in the house.  Dust catchers.  And to my mind, they "close" a room, especially when the room is small.  I have pretty oak frames around all my windows.  That is decoration enough to me. Taking down that foil is a BIG deal to me.
I am still trying to get there from here.  By that I mean I am trying to fetch the scan of the silver fork I did last night to post here on the blog and get the darned thing ONTO the album here in the blog from "My Pictures".  It will not cooperate. I am intrigued by the design and wanted to see if anyone had anything like it.
Says "Wm Rogers & Son Patent pending April 14, 1925" on the back of the fork.
This cat will NOT be denied.  Let me go play with her some more or brush her..she is driving me crazy with her asking for attention after I just played with her! 

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