Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oops, I did it again (sorry Britney) 9/06

It's a little bit overcast and raining today however, that did NOT stop me from heading to The Big City and the Mall there to use my gift card the guys gave me.  Now, they wanted me to go to Victor*a's Se*cret, and I did.  I got one item in their honor.  Then, I am afraid I got another pair of jeans.  Got to take them to be shortened. (I'm 5'2, eyes of blue)  (OK..kitchy kitchy kitchy koo) and everything that isn't petite is too long.  These are the new "drainpipe" leg jeans and they don't come in petite length.  So..I'll make 'em petite after a visit to the tailor.
Not to be outdone, I stopped by another place and got a new knit top.  Cool looking.  Love it.  And then, like the addi*t I am at Wils*on's Leathe*, I got:  two newsboy caps, all leather.  One red, the other stone colored.  A new  black leather pocketbook.. OH it is so soft and OH I already have, like, 10 purses!~!!! And..I got a cell phone carrier and organizer.  That's good for trips when  we do a lot of walking and I don't want to carry my heavy purse.  I can carry my cell and my license, credit cards and some cash and it's no bigger than like a cigarette case.  Well, it's my justification so I have to work at it.
What else?  Um...I think that's it.  I will go to Books A Zillion tomorrow and use that gift card.  Meanwhile the groceries await me. 
Patty, I'll answer that question via email.
Vivian..I'll tell him but he will make me wait till next weekend when he gets here.
I just had some oatmeal for lunch.  Doing penance for all the cake the past 3 work nights. 
Gotta go to the tailor, mail my brother a birthday card and get some groceries.
See ya later.
And I did head out to get food.  Stopped by the tailor's to get my new jeans shortened.  Sitting here with coffee and a muffin.  Equal's WW 2 points I calculated. 
It won't quit raining it seems and while that is somewhat of a disappointment after all the beautiful days I slept away, I'm alive and shopping.  Surely it can't get better than this!!!
Going to go in and change pocketbooks. 

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