Sunday, July 25, 2010

Progress 9/06

Here it is the last midnight shift for me. Got up late for me..(the clock got me up for once).  So I slept till 1540.  That's great.  I haven't fixed breakfast yet but I will here shortly. I'll have from tomorrow at 0700 till Monday night off.  That's for friends and family reading the blog so they know my schedule.
Anyway, about the girls.  The two orphan cats I mentioned several days ago.  Hopefully they are still getting along alright in their house without anyone in it.  The son of the woman who passed away is feeding them.  I have really REALLY been trying hard to find them new pet parents.  So have some of my friends.  I got another one involved this morning before I left work.
I got a few emails from guys at work who don't want to see me leave.  That is always endearing.  You know how it is though, all of you.  You form attachments over time even though you never see the literally thousands you talk to and/or deal with.  Even more so when you do see them.  But I had several emails from those who have never actually met me formally..just they deal with me (and I with them) on a continuing basis..either phone or email wise. Here I will say that I am 'in' a form of emergency management as for employment.  I haven't said exactly what I do or where, I know.  That's for a reason.  Maybe after I leave I may. Not many of us like to involve where we work into our blogs by name or any other way I have noticed.
Anyway, I am on the wind-down.  I started the termination process two days ago before I left for home.  It's about all over but the shouting.  I have tonight...then next week I have 3 midnights with another shift (my choice and by Management's permission) and then 2 day shifts the following week and I am out of there.
First weekend in October is the Renaissance Faire in Charlotte I think I mentioned.  I and one of my sons will be headed that way.  We all of us so enjoyed it last year.  Hot though while spending the day out in the large area.  In this part of the Country it stays very warm and humid thru October generally.If my son will, I will ask him to upload some photos to me and I will post them.  New pictures on MY blog!!! Surely not!!!  Gasp!!! I think I have the least of anyone.  Well, it takes less time to load mine probably.  ;-)
I know I am not saying much of anything (what else is new??) so with the above, I will stop.
Hoping you all have a good evening.  Stay well and hang in there.  Missed seeing you all.

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