Friday, July 2, 2010

Rigidity...death knell Mar 06

I am off for the next several days. Already getting things lined up to enjoy while I am off. One thing I enjoy is knowing I have just 18 more horrendous hated day shifts left in 6 months. I don't mind the day shifts on Friday's so I didn't count those 6. I don't sleep well while on midnights, no. But I will take a steady stream of them over working day shifts any time. Just wish I had the choice.
Was thinking about that entry couple days ago I entitled 'Joy'. I was talking about not saving things or events unnecessarily in hopes of a special occasion.
There is something to be said about not being too rigid about what you do. And I am one of the offenders. My schedule made me that way but it's not a good excuse. The several times I have been forced into an activity just to be polite I have had a total great time! I always wonder why I make it so hard to be spontaneous. Then, I forget the great time and have to be forced again, wondering anew why I have to feel compelled to be "that way".
One thing I don't do any more ( and I did unthinkingly do it sometimes) is waste a visit from a loved one by thinking about other things or being concerned about an upcoming event..whatever, and not give my full attention. I never do that any more. As I is short. Don't waste it because you have a "schedule".
To delay things that are important to you, your family and your friends because of presupposed conditions you put on the event is such a waste of time and life. Before you know it, it's too late or someone or something has gone away.
There are many throw-away moments in my life I regret having happened. Places I didn't go, people I didn't have time for, so I thought ,and to of the worst is not giving your children the gift of your attention and thoughts when they wanted it. Just because you were busy.
Oh heck. I started all this because I remember all the birthdays I missed because I (really did) had to work and could not take the days off for vacation due to work pressure. Small comfort though.
I still have some years left so I will make up that time as best as they will allow me.
Later dudes (and dudettes)

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