Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spending Money 9/06

Well, going to the flea market didn't do anything for my wallet.  I didn't find a lot but I did find a few things.  The fun was in the walking around and looking at everything. I mentioned yesterday that I have never been to one, so it was a whole new experience for me.
I am always interested in old glass or new for that matter, linens and such.
I didn't see any glass that I was interested in... nothing unusual at all  there nor was it priced right.
Nothing to even tempt me.  I did see some linens that were interesting.  There were not many to choose from.  I suppose it is a week to week thing.  You must have to keep checking back.  I found a table cloth that will and does fit my round dining room table.  Machine embroidery, some cut-work on it so I bought it.  The price was certainly right.  There was a shadow of a red stain on it.  I got it for $7.00.  The same woman had an assortment of collars and dickies.  They were cotton crochet trim mostly with tiny pearl-like buttons.  All made in China.  I have seen them for sale from time to time in specialty catalogues for $12.00 and upward to $16.00.  She let me have the ones I choose for $1.00 ea.
Now I did see one other thing that was interesting.  One table had some silver plated silverware for sale.  Not a whole service unfortunately as these salad forks I was eyeing were very interesting.  Wm. Rogers, I might say at this point, silver plate.  The forks, 9 of them had a look of perhaps the 30's or maybe 40's to them.  The forks, which I did buy in a lot of 9, had engraving on the body of the fork..just above where the tines start.  A lovely tracery of a design.  So far in my lifetime I have not seen anything like that and I decided to buy them.  I have nothing to match but that's OK.  They can be used as a dessert fork perhaps, all by themselves.
Has anyone out there seen silverware with engraving, rather a floral look, just above the tines?
We had a great time.  We left here at 11...stopped in that town and had lunch, and headed into the Expo Center and had at it.  We left no stone unturned.  I was home by later afternoon. 
Today, I stopped at Verizon and asked them to assist me getting a ring tone.  We tried mightily to do it ourselves when I last visited Charlotte but it wasn't happening. I kept making myself a note to stop by Verizon and ask them to help.  Finally had a moment to do that this afternoon.  I now have "Rocky Top" as a ring tone and what's is the Pride of the Southland Band doing it!  That is our University of Tennessee's band!  I am sitting here wishing someone would call me!!!!  I want to hear it!!
Tomorrow I will begin the first of 3 twelve hour midnight shifts as a "guest" of another shift.  It's just to give me something to do for a week.  Then, I will be off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  After that, two 8 hr. dayshifts the following Monday and Tuesday, September 25, 26 and voila!  Gone.  Outta there.
I see that Spaces statistics feature is not logging visits for my site again.  Been several months but I went through about two weeks last time before it was fixed.  So, it acts like no one has been here these past 48 hrs. but I know they have been.  There are comments.
The cat is being a real pest.  She won't leave me alone and hasn't cooperated that well when I have tried to play with her.  Like many, she doesn't really know what she wants!!
Meanwhile, hope everyone is doing well and has as beautiful weather as I am having right here.  That will soon come to an end.  Rain is expected within the nbext 48 hrs.

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