Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Then there was a problem with boarding passes 4/06

Remember a week or so back when I blogged about the trip to my brother's wife's funeral?  How it was so hectic trying to get plane tickets (my sons took that responsibility thank goodness) and I was talking about the peanuts rolling down the aisle on the South West Airline flight on the way from Philly to Raleigh-Durham?  Well, I like South West's policy really.  When you get e-tickets, after all the tranaction is over and it is within 24 hrs. of the flight (remember that 24 hr. thing!!!  There WILL be a test!) you may then print your boarding pass.  That's a good thing.  You are all ready and you by-pass the check in desk and go straight thru to security.  Well, that was a lead pipe cinch on the way TO Philadelphia.  What was NOT a lead pipe cinch was trying to get OUT of Philadelphia with a boarding pass.  Besides not having to stand around at the Check are in a pool as it were of boarding order.  What do I mean?  When you print your boarding pass, you try for an "A".  "A" boarding pass holders board first.  You get on in the order you are lined up in and according to the letter on your boarding pass...A, B, or C.  "B" boarding pass holders are next, "C" pass holders are last to board.
We had "A" boarding passes on the way TO Philly and while in Trenton N.J. we were looking everywhere for some place that had a computer AND a printer so we could print the boarding passes for us all and hopefully be in time to get an "A".  It could not be done till at least 24 hrs. before the flight and we were down to just a few left to print one.
Everywhere we went, they may have had a computer but no printer.  Finally, as it was a Saturday and I said " Let's try for a library".  We drove all OVER Trenton NJ..which is a pretty good sized city.  All of us were looking to see if we could find anything that remotely looked like a library. 
Raining to beat the band and no parking but,  after some time my grandson saw a small sign with an arrow saying " Library ______>"  So..we circled and circled until we could find a metered place to park.  Then there was the issue of driving a rented huge SUV and how to parallel park with that monster.
We let one son out to try the library to see if they had public computers and printers.  We drove endless circles around the huge block in a nerve racking area of town until the youngest son said " I'm gonna park!" And did!  Right in front of the library too!  20 minutes or so thereafter the middle son comes out after having gone thru some searching in that huge building and paying a decent amount for the printer time and paper...with..ta dah...all our boarding passes.  We were so late to the mark that all we could get were "B" boarding "rights".  That put us smack in the middle of the plane after that 6 hr. wait in Philly!
That was an adventure!  But too, it may be something that I have to add " You'd have to be there to appreciate the awfulness and the comedy of it."
If my grandson had not seen that tiny sign with the arrow we would likely still be driving endlessly around Trenton looking for a library before we could drive to Philadelphia to wait all those hours to board for N.C.
You may, if you read it, remember the saga of the flight attendent making a bad situation quite a bit better with humor after we finally we able to board and get underway, as I blogged about a few weeks ago.
Thought I would throw that one in.  At least my family will smile.  We had quite a couple of days logistically.  Believe it.

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