Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wait till Later 9/06

Last mid tonight when I go in.  Off till Friday coming up.
Gosh, I seem to have chosen the "large" font.  Oh well, I don't feel like going back and re-choosing.
From the interrupted sleep the last several days, I slept till the clock got me up this afternoon and I could have used another 4 hrs. as well.  Won't get a break on that  again tomorrow as I have to get up at noon to get my nights and days turned around. Have to clean the house anyway and wow zow!  I am getting a new commode!  Complete with oak seat!!!  Now, THAT'S something to get outta bed for!   Seriously though, the old one bit the dust. One of my close friends at work who has done so much in the house anyway in my journey to revamp and going to do this for me tomorrow evening. 
I am getting so excited about this being the next to the last set of shifts I have to do where I work.  Next week starting Friday is, as I call 'em, the 'dreaded 6 day thing' whereupon I work 72 hrs.  Then, I will voluntarily work with one of my counterparts for 36 hrs. worth of midnights (that's nothing to me!) and then, a few days of 8 hr. day shifts and I am outta there!  I haven't worked 8 hr. shifts in so long I don't know what that's like.  It will be like walking in , sitting down and getting right back up again and leaving I am so used to more.
Pretty soon, it will be me and Beth Marie's birthday!  We are gonna take the day off..go out to the playground and swing all we want to.  Bet she goes higher though!  I'll race her down the sliding board and you won't ever see the merry-go-round spin like it will that day! Just watch us!! We are going to have a blast!  Then,we are going to get chili dogs and Cokes for lunch and we don't care if we spoil our appetites either !! And on the way walking home, ice cream!  A double decker!
It's 1635.  Got to do my face and get ready.

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