Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend 9/06

What an absolutely great weekend.  For one thing, the weather is incomparably gorgeous including temperatures in the day and at night.  Just cool enough in the house to require a very light blanket and just warm enough in the day that you can wear shorts if you want to or not. I went out to enjoy sitting on the deck in the afternoon sun and catch up on my newspapers for the first time in close to two months! and got eaten alive by mosquitoes.  So, after about half an hour of that, I came back in bristling with lumps from all the bites. 
 However, in the glow of early evening, darned if I didn't powder my nose and head out shopping!  It's all Patty's fault. 
I had emailed her yesterday morning saying I wasn't quite up to my usual game and matter of fact, she allowed that she wasn't either!  She declared shopping to be our therapy.  I decided to take her at her word and yesterday about noon I headed out (after some business calls) and bought myself two new dress skirts. One red and one black. Seems like one other thing but I forget.  So, I went off again last night and hit Penney's because they have a pretty darn good sale going on. 
Got several Christmas presents for one of my son's.  Got several presents for ME as well.  Two 3/4 length sleeve tops that one can dress up or down.  A lacy black top to wear with the new skirts I got that morning.  A new pair of silver earrings (did you know silver looks great on strawberry blondes?) and a great leather corded silver pendant.  I love choker styles and that's what I got.  The Christmas presents were 100.00 and I took up the rest.  Between the morning extravangza and last nights...whew!!!
Today, I am going with a friend on an expedition to a flea market but not before we have lunch.  You know, I have never been to a flea market.  I know from reading blogs that it is a favorite of several blog friends.  I am about to experience what you find  so much fun.  I hope to gosh I can hold onto my money!!  (nah!)
Tonight, the football game.  UT and FL.  GO VOLS!!!!!!!!
No help yet for the orphaned kitties I wrote about.  I and four others are trying hard.
This is really a "female" blog...clothes and clothes and what have you.  Sorry.  ;-)
I guess too I am happy knowing my chapter is about to end where I work.  I was tickled all day yesterday thinking about it.  No more three in the morning  or three in the afternoon getting up for work.  Normal rising and bed times start at the end of the month!! Normal work I come!!!
Have a great day all of you. 

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