Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Food Filled Day

Man.  I so appreciate all folks are doing in the manner of celebrating my birthday and my escape from where I worked with that killer schedule.  But a luncheon and a dinner a day for a week.  My goodness.  My shorts are getting tight.  I have one more more for this week alone.  Tomorrow and then Friday as well.  Saturday starts the diet again and some exercise.  Now that I don't have that schedule any more..there is no excuse not to get started with my walking.
I was squired out by a close lady friend last night for my birthday (9/25) and last day of work celebration.  We had a great dinner at O'Charley's.  She gave me a pound box of Godiva chocolates.  Those are fabulous.  What made me smile in particular was this is the third box of Godiva's to cross my threshhold.  And both sons got them for their birthdays plus one son gave me Belgian Godiva chocolates for my birthday last weekend.  I got tickled.  Talk about great minds!!!!  My youngest left his purely by accident and I will take those over to him this weekend.
After Sharon and I had our dinner (the big city 15 miles from here) we couldn't help ourselves..we went shopping at THE biggest Mall around these parts.  I'm the one  who spent though.  I bought my middle boy some more stuff..more of the same as what I got him a  few weeks ago.  Also, as I was in a store I have been wanting to go to for a long time...I got a pair of yoga pants for me...and a spaghetti strap white top. Had to  do it. (yup)
I almost got, but didn't,a pair of 4 inch heeled platforms, open toe closed pumps.  Ooo wheee. 
Anyway, was at a luncheon today but this one was not for me.  Just I attended.  Fun with old friends for 2 hrs.  Just eating (my belly!!) and shooting the breeze.
I am home now. I ordered flowers for the funeral that is likely tomorrow.  I wrote about it and took the blog down.  A dear friend.
Have a to-do list made for tomorrow.  Got everything down today I had set for myself to do.  Had the distinct pleasure of hearing from Vivian.  She called just after I got in from lunch.  Hi, Girl! 
See you later.


  1. I wish you were close enough where we could add another dinner onto your celebration schedule! Happy birthday Carole!

  2. Carole, you have not fooled me. These are retro posts.