Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another One 12/06

Going to be another one of those days I can see. Did my treadmilling and so on..waiting to get ready to hit the road. Have to go to The Big City to get the keys and fob that the dealership forgot to give me. AND if flutter my eyelashes just right, I know the salesperson will help me get it right with that sound system. I just can't get it to sound the way I want it to, and it's operator, me, problems, not the sound system. My CD's sound about the same on any mono I know it's me when I can't get big sound our of the vehicle's sound system.

Meanwhile..I have been round to see everyone save 2. I will get there in just a little while. I had to get into shorts and up on the treadmill so quit. A lot of Diva-like things to do today as always.

One female thing to say though..I was writing the blog yesterday with a wrap and deep conditioning on my hair and forgot I was doing that. So instead of the usual 5-10 minutes, it had 35 minutes and I will tell looked like a zillion dollars once I had it dried and styled. WOW. I will have to leave it on like that more often!!! Also, probably 10 months ago, I said in a blog that I had noticed a difference in my lips with simply using chap stick. Now wait..let me explain. I said I had noticed that I was applying and re-applying lipstick many times at work. One 12 hr. shifts, it was a lot of applications and a frog about could have sat on my lips there was so much lipstick product on them.

Took years but finally, FINALLY it dawned on lips needed moisture. DUH! Well, some folks don't get it right away ( or for years) and that would be me. All I cared about was my nose to the grindstone and no time to do much. Well, I accidentally swiped some facial moisturizer over my lips and it felt better. One plus one makes two most often, so, I wrote on my to-do list to get chap stick or the like. I bought a house brand at a drugstore for .99 cents. I apply it once in the morning, once at night. Now..back to my story. I saw after a week that my paper thin lips were suddenly plumper. The more I used the chap stick, the more plump they got. The poor things had been starved for moisture all these years! And I didn't know it and thought my lips were thin. Well, they are not after all. So, I said I would report on the chap stick experiment and I am duly doing so. (alliteration on purpose). No use buying those horribly expensive so-called lip plumpers when simple chap stick will do.  I also said I had read in Consumer's Rep*rt that they found the claim of Vick's Vap-o-ru* under a toenail that has runner's fungus under it will help. I said I would try that NOT that I would in any way admit to having such an unlovely thing as...ewww...toenail fungus. Well, it works to a limited extent. Keeps it down to a low roar which is a heckuva lot better than it growing!! Not that I have a nail fungus, you understand.

I see I am starting another book here. I'm going to get into the small room there and do my face, get dressed and help the world go around. does a body good..just like milk!

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