Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good Day

It is once again a beautiful day.  It rained Thursday night and very hard.  Sort of got it out of its system.  So the weekend and yesterday are fabulous.  Sunny, coldish, windy, (no leaf turning yet) and made for feeling happy to be alive.
I had a very enjoyable time with D yesterday.  We met at Ruby's and spent some good time together.  I hopped back up on the treadmill last night and made myself get on it again this morning.  Increased the speed a little and stayed on for 25 minutes.  I'll do that again after awhile.  What a weenie.  I want out of the weenie department and be able to really walk fast as I used to do.  Today, however, I broke a slight sweat. That's good.
I was supposed to have company at 1100 and we were going to The Big City.  She called though and cancelled. That's really alright with me.  I have not had time to just "be" for 9 days or evenings.  So, I will take today to weed, buy pansies, plant, and enjoy just being outside.  And by myself.  That is a good time to sort yourself out, that alone time and for joyful and glad comtemplation about all the blessings He bestows.
There is a "Mainly Mozart Festival" on 10/14.  The 250th birthday celebration.  I would love to go.  It's in that fabled just spoken of Big City and I asked one of my sons who also likes classical music if he and I could go together. Five free concerts by the the Opera Company there.
Today we both of us would have been on our way to the Renaissance Faire in Charlotte but circumstances made us change our minds and here I am.  We'll just go visit there end of the month. today..1930 I think.  GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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