Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gop Figure 12/06

Go figure where the blog I was just typing on disappeared to. I was typing along..there was this hesitation and poof! It was gone. So here I am again. Now what happened I have to wonder!!!???

I was saying I had the best lunch at a restaurant I have had in awhile with a good male co-worker and best friend. We always have a blast and again, this was such a good lunch I think I will head back there again.

Yesterday was great. I got my camp chair out again and into my new a bottle of water, a nutrition bar, my cell phone, 2 books and headed to the Lake again. Set up out there with the ducks, geese and seagulls. The temperature was 68. Sunny too and I just could not resist. I opened the moon roof and enjoyed the sun on my head,...the air..oh what a great afternoon. I didn't get to commune with the ducks/geese/seagulls overly much nor did I hardly crack a book. Too busy on the phone. But it was warm, sunny and I loved every second. No concerns about time..getting to bed at 2030, getting up at 0330. Wunnerful! (yes, I spelled it that way on porpoise).

I do believe this is a girl car because it looks girly even though it's a sport model. (no cracks about that please. . ) Since I look girly too..we would make a good combination. I think first son has won the naming contest we had. Miyuki is her name. That is a Japanese name.

The day is just stunning out there and it is killing me to be in the house I want out SO badly. But I cannot as I am waiting on Comcast to fix me up with my internet. They said after watch them show up at 1800! Never fails. The last minute in my experience with them so far. heck..I could be at the Insurance office paying up on the new car's collision..I could be at the Lake..anywhere but here. Out flirting..something. me and Miyuki are formidable together. Two divas!!!

Anyway, this will be mercifully short. I could have told you about the morning's sojourn on the treadmill and I didn't so be grateful.

Guess what?  I now have my high speed internet service.  I still get startled when the phone rings while I am in here on the computer.  Also got the money for my Saturn and it is deposited in the bank.  And my girly girl vehicle is now in the driveway all by herself. Her name is Miyuki.  Loosely translated as 'beautiful snow'.  (It is a white car and pretty).

Later dudes and dudettes

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