Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happenings 11/06

Seems as though the blog family has had some rough times here in the past week.  More have than have not.  I am trying to keep an eye on that and good thoughts.
I am taking the oldest back today and when I come, am I going to have to clean house.  But not until I get on the treadmill.  Me first, house next. 
I can't even weigh myself.  I wanted to weigh the laptop that I just took the HD out of and the scale's battery has given up the ghost!  I opened the battery case and there is a quarter sized strange looking battery in there that I will take in the Rad-io Sh-ack and see if they have a replacement.
I am going to see..or my oldest will that is, if i can sell the laptop sans HD. Which is why I wanted to get some idea what it weighed...for shipping purposes.  There are several uses for such a thing (computer w/o HD) but don't ask me to remember what they are.  My son told me and it went in one ear and out the other.  I have a couple more items also that I am hoping to sell.  I am giving him a percentage of what he can sell for me.
I will have you know I finally gave myself a manicure last night.  I never do that.  I just throw on colorless base and let it go at that.  But now I have some time..I filed, buffed, shined, based, polished, top  Now, THAT really enriched my life..not!
Waiting on my son to get up so I can cook his breakfast so I can go out.  I had what I am wont to call my bowl of gruel.  My oatmeal w/ added raisins, flax seed and an occasional crushed walnut.  He will get eggs with that rubber bacon..I fried it this morning and it is STILL not worth eating.  He gets to take home the leftovers too.  I made fried chicken last night with some seasoning that McCormick put out last month.  Gravy, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans.  I had some of the greenbeans and a spoonful of potato. He gets to take home the leftover ziti from the night before last as well.  Meat and tomato sauce in it as well as cheese this time.  Last time it was a 3 cheeze ziti.
He's up.  Let's get to the galley and whomp up some grub.
Have a super day!!

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