Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hook and Eye

Just saying hello. As the title may imply, it will be a bit of this and that.
I have been out after I finished my exercise and mercifully just bought a few items of food.  Oh, I lingered where the clothes were..I even tried on a few things and I walked on.  Because I know very well I need nothing whatsoever in clothing. Now, knowing that has not stopped me in the past nor will it always in the furture.  I just didn't see anything cute enough to make my resolve waver.
I love hook and eye tops for example.  Then when I see those, they have to look a certain way or I am not interested. I have already written many times that skinny jeans are me.  And that I have like 40 pairs.  So that I have declared a moritorium on.  Except the pair I bought  a few weeks ago.  Levi 515 was it?  I'll have to go look.  Skinny legs with a boot bottom. Low rise and cool pockets.  HAD to do it and it didn't cost me a cent as they were bought with one of the gift cards I received after I left work.  Oh OH..I did buy..but this was a couple weeks ago when my sons were here for the Great Unveiling...a black leather short waist- length jacket.  It had the Vols on the back (emblem) and an orange UT in the front.  Had to,  Unpartiotic if I left it hanging there!!! Go Big Orange.
That reminds me.  I have "Rocky Top" as a ring tone on my phone!  It's done by "The Pride of the Southland Band" too!  How cool is THAT!!!???  I took it to Verizon, batted my eyelashes and asked if they would download it for me.  Of course I wanted to pay but I couldn't get it to work with " Get it Now" on my phone.  The guy did..and it sounds wonderful!!!! Just like we made a touchdown!! I asked how much and he said "Nothing.  It's my patriotic duty".  I just loved that.
I did my treadmilling and then came in here to do a few weights.  I will do the entire series all over again this afternoon later. I have noticed if I have supper first, I don't do it. So it will be before I eat.
Hope everyone is OK.  I have been around to almost everyone.

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