Sunday, August 22, 2010

How Many Days Before Christmas? 11/06

Man, Christmas will be here in a matter of weeks!  I have barely got started because no one will tell me what they want!!
I warned them it will be mom's choice if they don't get a move on.
Have a bit to do today.  Re: my blog saying that what we have to do expands to fit the time we have to give to it.
One thing is an already booked luncheon.  I won't stay the entire thing as my oldest is here and i would rather spend the time with him.
He tried hard last night to help me out with the hard drive from the old computer transferring its contents to this new computer.  There was a Code 10 error ( I don't know either) and we Googled it to see what anyone might have said.  We found plenty but nothing that would help us.  He is taking the HD home with him in the morning and giving it a try there at his place. 
The other must do is taking the car to a specified location to attend to my claim along with humdreds of others regarding an overspray of an unknown that coated many employee's cars.  Mine as well as others seemed to be coated with sand.  Paint peeled off just above the passenger side windows too.  Just bubbled up and peeled off.
A strange deviation here but I found at my expense that lower fat bacon is not an option.  Oh, if one always fried it in a pan, perhaps.  But I never do.  I use the mircowave. Since my son is here I microwaved bacon for him.  Atop the requisite 2 paper towels and covered with one.  4 slices, 4 minutes.  The low fat bacon stuck so badly to the underlying paper towels I had to trash can it.  I started a new 4 slices...w/o paper towels.  A mess of grease/water/something and rubbery bacon.  Heck with that.  Don't waste your money. But he got that, eggs and an english muffin out of it. 
I am extremely concerned about Marie Beth.  Has anyone heard privately and can you tell us how she and Jim are?
Hope I don't fry my hair but I am going to take my new ceramic flat iron to it shortly.  How i can get frizz overnight is beyond me.  I bought the flat iron and I have a curling iron but I never use either as I haven't the practice and i don;t want to damage my hair.  Today I decided to give it a try.  Not damaging my hair (I hope) but ironing out the frizz.
I hope everyone had a good evening with the trick or treaters.  There was no one here at all.  Nary a sign.  Usually I am not here.  Work.  So no kids are in the habit of stopping here.
Everyone have a good day, please.  See you later I hope.

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