Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Did It 12/06

I am the proud "parent" of a new car. The Saturn got a good bath and wax this morning, and he is ready for his new owner. Who happened to come by this morning as I was preparing to clean house. I signed the title and gave him the keys and said when he and his wife come by and I'm not here IF I'm not here, just slide the money under the door and take the car. (yep, the trust level IS that high).

Going out to eat tonight. Last night me and the son who accompanied me to Toyota had a celebratory supper afterward. I got home at like 2030 and the dealership's salesperson called and asked did I want delivery then? I said it was going on 2100 and if he wanted to..come on. (I re-dressed )( had showered etc and was in jammies) and by gosh here they come!!! So, when I saw there was no temp license tag on it, he said " yeah, thought of that was I was going down the road" (nothing on the tag, nothing) and he said "I figured if the police stopped me I would just say I stole it!" I LAUGHED!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE a sense of humor!!!!!

I batted my eyes...turned the baby blues upward gazing thru my lashes..smiled, dimpled, wore a pretty outfit..fluffed my hair, wore my horribly expensive (one of 2) name it in hopes of getting even more of a break at the Dealership but alas..they were impervious to my charms..unless that's why he suddenly made the decision to see that I had the car that late at night.

However..I await a State Portrait of my new family member when third son comes back or asks me to his place. My digital camera is dead and thrown away. All I have is a Polaroid. Not your best for detail.

I think I have a girl car though. First one, if I do, in years and years. Too many to count. I am asking the boys for name suggestions. Yep, I already blogged about me, my family and how all but 3rd son do tend to personalize our vehicles with names and assign if they are boys or girls. Not a female in the bunch till maybe now!!!

I had been out to my bank and then called the insurance company to get temporary insurance on the new car..came home and was just about to turn on the loud music when the phone rang and it was Zack's new daddy. (Zack is the name of my car, the Saturn.)

Have no idea if this is a girl car or a boy car and no name yet. It's white, a sport model, has a little spoiler, a somewhat heavier engine..a moon roof, and now I can play my music in the car. All Zack had was a tape player. I am in this century now. I have the CD player, I can see what the temperature is outside..and stuff is digitized. I have cruise control which I detest. I have no idea what does what so soon as I am finished here I will be reading the manual.

I slept better as I called the Dr. and asked what to do as I had about herniated my gut coughing. They said use more of the syrup but don't go anywhere. Well, heck. I was gone from 1400 till 2030 last night and under the influence of the cough medicine. Another jolt before bed and I made it till 0335. I laid there and managed to go back to sleep anyway and woke at 0630. MUCH better now I can take more of the cough medicine. My voice still sounds strange. No fever yet..ear is maybe soon this will be done and over.
Guys and ladies..I've been to see most of you. Your Diva awaits you here.


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  1. There is no way I can keep up with you archives. Letting you know I stopped.