Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hm....just a note as to who I am.

One of the blog family posted a blog whereupon scores of the blogs were compared as to their content and what seemed to have been an indicator of popularity.
I got to thinking about that... especially you would know that, as I responded three times!  GRIN.
Here's the deal.  I am not here to win a popularity contest.  If I was, I would likely find things more far reaching to write on than my every day experiences.  I could speak of my political opinions, but I will not.  I could speak of my philospohical leanings but that too is not on the table.  I could rant, and do occasionally.  I try to make it very occasional.  I could promote various things and activities but that too is not me. 
I am your sister, your cousin, your aunt, your neighbor, your friend, your co-worker and to some, I am like another mom.  I lean over the fence (as Beth Marie so nicely compared my blog among others to)  and talk while I am hanging out my clothes.  I'm the one who comes to see you when you don't feel well.  I will  go to the grocery store for you.  I'll listen to how you feel and comment if I think you need me to.  But I will be kind and I know you count on me never being mean natured. 
I'll pop over to your place and see if you want to go for a ride...or  ask if you'd rather come over to sit on my deck and have some tea.  We'll compare home made remedies for skeeter bites.  I'll ask you about my latest  clothes about the guys I know at work and socially. 
We'll share about our families and that's just me.  But you knew that didn't you?  I'll ask about your kids, grown and still growing but you have to listen to me talk about mine too.   
If you want to talk about the things going on in the world or even in town that are troublesome, we'll do it.  But it will be you and me.  I won't tell everyone  in the neighborhood how I feel as I am aware there is much I don't know or that is colored by my perception. So, if you ask, I will tell you how I feel as we sit in the gathering dusk talking.  That's just the way I am. 
You come to me because you want to.  I don't have to set out the chocolate chip cookies every I?    
See ya later dudes and dudettes...

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