Saturday, August 7, 2010

Still a Lot to Do

I am kitty sitting for a family of five kitties up the street.  One of my dear friends and her husband are on a much deserved week's vacation.  My little Lady will ask to be sat for as well toward the end of this month.  I go twice a day and  in one visit yesterday, I got to see all 5.  Usually it's three.  Blaze, LOLA and Black Jack. Bashful let me see her in the window as I drove away and Schmendy finally made a showing.  So all tiny noses accounted for.
I went out for dinner tonight.  That makes, like, every night for 2 weeks.  Surely this is the end of that.
We have had pristine weather for several weeks.  Last Friday it rained in the evening..and today it rained finally.  Supposed to frost over the weekend and heck, the leaves haven't even turned yet.
I never made it back up on the treadmill tonight.  Good thing I got a half hour in this morning after going up the street and feeding the sweeties.  I would have, but I made the mistake of sitting to read the paper.  Then, I read some more and watched the news.  I talked myself out of the extra treadmill. 
There were two blogs in the blog family that just inspired me.  But they said it so well, mine (blog attempt) would be feeble in comparison so I won't write on what they did.  One, the Amish school tragedy.  The other was about a trip and a job.  Just fired me up and made me want to start typing my own version. 
There is a lot of on-going construction and tear down as well going on where I worked till a few weeks ago.  One the last few shifts I was there..there was what is called by the Plant's Legal dept. an "over spray". It got hundreds and hundreds of we employee's vehicles.  It got mine.  I filed a notification of damage the day I left.  Today I finally noticed that the paint has blistered and peeled off above the passanger side windows, both front and rear!  Good Grief!!! I will probably never see any remuneration.  However I will send an email there tomorrow asking about what they are going to do.
I can feel it cooling somewhat in the house.  I had the air conditioning on once per day these past two days/evenings.  I think that is about to come to an end. 
Patty said I could go camping with her IF I helped clean up the camper and unload it..and probably tell her my age.  We have a running joke about that between us.
I am not doing anything exciting as you all can certainly tell.  I did have my oldest here with me from early yesterday till this afternoon.  That was a pleasure.  I served baked stuffed porkchops.  (Apple stuffing). Had a baked potato with it and some green peas.  I served the last of that home made apple cake with caramel glaze I made for the youngest boy this  past weekend.  There was about half a cake left and what he didn't eat last night I  wrapped for him to take home along with the last stuffed porkchop and the last of the chicken pot pie which I shall never make again! 
Guys (girls) come on over..I feel some loud music coming on and I haved a lot to eat.  If you don't want to eat, we'll just make noise.  How's that?  ;-)

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